On Being a Liberal

Yes, I am a liberal. And no, liberal is not a dirty word. I am in good company. Most of our founding fathers fit perfectly into that category. Our nation was founded as the most socially liberal nation the world had ever seen and it still is despite what a lot of crazy goony people the like of Michelle Bachman, Louis Gohmert, Sarah Palin, Glen Beck, Ted Cruz, Rush Limbaugh et al are fond of expounding upon over and over and over.

Notions of freedom of speech came from liberal minds. Ideas about the general welfare came from liberal minds. The conservatives at the outset of the American Revolution wanted no part of a new country they wanedt to find a way to reach an accommodation with England that would essentially continue the status quo. They didn’t want to give all of our citizens freedom of speech, the right to bear arms (yes that too was a liberal idea go figure how that’s been bent out of its original shape), the freedom to worship the religion of one’s choice.

The idea of the constitution and the Bill of Rights that would follow were all ideas from the radically subversive minds of liberal thinkers. Conservatives of the day if they had, had their way we would still be a commonwealth of the British Empire not a free and independent nation.

And we became a bastion of liberal thinkers a long line of them, in fact. A line that has continued unbroken for over two hundred and thirty-seven years. Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison, James Monroe, John Quincy Adams, Abraham Lincoln, Grover Cleveland, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, the Kennedys, LBJ, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. All, along with a lot of other champions of liberal thought, like Benjamin Franklin, Henry David Theoreau, Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, Margaret Sanger, Mary Harris Jones (Mother Jones), Samuel Gompers, Fredrick Douglas, A Phillip Randolph, Will Rogers, Harry Truman and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. just to drop the names of a few of our many liberal thinkers.

Liberals have been behind every innovation and progressive idea that have been responsible for moving our nation forward since its inception. Am a liberal? You damn straight I am and proud of it and I will not hide in a corner and call myself anything else because I know I am in very good company and I always have been.

Yes liberals built this nation nurtured it and kept it strong. If we had left our nation’s fortune to the conservatives we wouldn’t be calling ourselves the United States of America. We are proud and free and all because a handful of liberal thinkers believed they could change the course of history!

Liberalism celebrate it, it is what has made us the greatest nation on earth!

Bob Bearden


One thought on “On Being a Liberal

  1. Yes, I too am a dang liberal. That is why I can like a lot of what the “Founding fathers” did and at the same time I can still think of them as the asses that they were. They made a new place for White protestant MEN who owned land to live in and pursue happiness. However, our history even up to now has been the getting all of us included into membership of that Country club called the United States–equality both socially and economically. We ain’t there yet. I am a liberal because I want all citizens of the US to be free to pursue what the founders gave themselves. It’s what we got. Conservatives would have us return to the time when most all in America only received the crumbs from the table of the elite. We do not want that back. Yeah, Founding fathers may have did some things right but we still need to do a lot of work.

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