Red State Oklahoma

This is Red State Oklahoma, a state that vies each election cycle to be the Reddest of Red States and usually comes in first or second and it’s tough completion making the top two. Kansas had until recently surpassed Oklahoma as the title holder but Sam Brownback conservative of the year, and his draconian tax cuts has finally peaked the interest of Kansas voters and they are fleeing in droves to the Democratic Party in Kansas that not only is Kansas dangerously close to losing its status as the Reddest of the Red but the GOP in Kansas is so desperately trying to save itself that it is trying to force the state Democratic Party to place a candidate on the ballot because their candidate had withdrawn in favor of the Independent candidate in the race to unseat U S Senator Pat Roberts.

That is desperation when you actually try to get someone from the opposite party to run against your candidate. But in their desperation to retake the U S Senate in the mid-term elections the Grand Old Party of Lincoln is resorting to desperate measures all over the map. In Oklahoma our erstwhile Governor Miss Mary the Failing has actually consented to a debate with her Democratic challenger. Wonders may never cease.

And our World Class Climate Denier James ‘Never Met a Global Warming Initiative I Couldn’t Deny’ Inhofe who is supposed to be getting re-elected in a cake walk has restored to mass murder of one of the tamest and admired of our fine-feathered friends the pigeon in order to raise money for his already soaked with Big Oil re-election campaign. And he has enlisted the aid of the Chief of the Cherokee Nation in his murderous campaign to get re-elected while singlehandedly wiping out the pigeon population in Oklahoma. Shame on you Chief Baker! A Native American who condones mass murder and actually participates in it. Shame on you!

You have to wonder about the tactics of some of those on the right. Allen West that former congressman from Florida who claimed that 81 members of the Democratic Party in congress were communists (although he never could come up with an actual list) is now calling on the top officers of the U S Military to turn in their resignations in mass in protest of the Obama administration. That would seem to border on treason. Where are the Secret Service when you need them?

Oh yeah not protecting the President very well and what’s up with that?

It’s political ‘ring around the posey’ time. If all the usual pundit predictions are correct about the chances the GOP will retake the Senate and thus will begin acting in concert with a House which those same pundits say with remain in GOP hands, to reverse all of the Obama administrations gains for workers and the poor and disadvantaged, why then are these same GOPers acting as if the sky is falling? Thank you very much Joe Bilipstick!

When you are holding a winning hand in poker you are by all accounts supposed to smile smugly and not tip your hand and never, never ever let them think you are desperately hoping they will all fold. You can’t win with desperate. It always shows and when they know you are desperate that’s when the Wolfpack moves in for the kill.

So tell me if the election of enough senators is a sure and certain thing why are all the GOP candidates and their mouthpieces acting so desperate as if the sky is really falling? I can’t explain it and obviously neither can the pundits.

Well the election is a scant month away and all bets are off. Maybe it will be a GOP year but for some strange reason they are not acting like it is. To paraphrase Patrick Henry that long ago revolutionary zealot. “I know not what course others may take but as for me I’m voting Democratic.” And to paraphrase Forest Gump. “Desperate is as desperate does!”

Bob Bearden


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