Is the US a Republic or a Democratic Republic?

statue_of_liberty_3-300x252I know I shouldn’t do it but I sometimes use the term neo-liberalism and fascism interchangeably: THE RULE OF THE MARKET, CUTTING PUBLIC EXPENDITURE FOR SOCIAL SERVICES, DEREGULATION, PRIVATIZATION, ELIMINATING THE CONCEPT OF “THE PUBLIC GOOD” or “COMMUNITY”. Anybody notice a trend toward Corporations and government folks getting a little too much in bed together?

Many folks, I think, see fascism simply in one incarnation–as a system where the state is everything and headed by a dictator–like Mussolini. This is not always the case. Communist Russia fit an example of a system of fascism where the Politburo took the place of the Führer, being ideologically Marxist yet functionally fascist. Today, neoliberal practices have put way too much of the American system into the pockets of a few individuals almost similar to a Politburo, in a way– just not really with a dictatorship.

That we are a Republic or even a Democratic republic, well, we can only hope.


3 thoughts on “Is the US a Republic or a Democratic Republic?

  1. From what I learned in school, the US is ideally ,a perfect example of a Republic. Every republic is a democracy but democracy is not always a republic. A pure democracy is one that is ruled by the majority, and it’s the majority that dictates how the government should be run… a republic , though run by representatives voted in by the majority ,is bound to rule by law, that is, the constitution.

    the US is both a democracy ( represntative democracy ) and a republic.

    ( The more I talk, the more I get confused ) lol

  2. Wow, I didn’t know that simply asking a question was going to get such great comments. I might just have to ask at lot more.

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