Supreme Court Decides on Gay Marriage

ringsThe Supreme Court has decided on Gay Marriage. Well, sort of. They have refused to review all the lower court rulings upholding the rights of gays to marry in a number of states which essentially means that now gays are free to marry in at least 30 states. That’s kind of awesome when you think about it especially knowing how far right the Supreme Court has been on many social issues, but even they, Antonin Scalia not withstanding, see the writing on the wall when it comes to gay marriage and the rights of gays to be first class citizens like everyone else.

And those who despise it, like our governor Bedridden Mary who issued her own diatribe against the Supremes decision not to review the lower court decisions, will just have to lump it. Her rambling statement flies in face of the facts anyway, since a large majority of our nation’s citizens including a majority of Oklahomans now believe that gays should be allowed to marry whom they want.

Bedridden Mary stated in her diatribe that Oklahomans should have the right to make their own decisions about gay marriage, but that of course is the exact opposite of her stance a few months ago when she signed a bill to prevent local Oklahomans from voting on the whether or not to raise the minimum. Taking away the rights of local cities and counties to make that decision. On that issue whether or not Oklahomans had the right to bring raising the minimum wage to a vote of the people locally she said no, no they didn’t. Two faced Mary maybe. For local control only when it suits her purpose.

She wasn’t for local control over the Affordable Care Act either, she preferred leaving that up to the feds. And even now as Obamacare is beginning to work and even to help reduce the deficit she panders to those out their who still think they can make it go away. Again Obamacare is an issue whose time has come and it ain’t going away because it works and people like and all the lies pushed by people the like of Bedridden Mary ain’t going change that. Go figure.

The issue of whether or not gays should be allowed the same rights as the rest of this nation’s citizens is an issue whose time has come and people like Pandering Mary needs to stop pandering to her base most of which aren’t supportive of her on this issue anymore.

People like Mary the Failing need to realize we and they live in a nation that is and always has been very socialistic and the ships they want to sail away upon to that uptopia they know as fascism has sailed away long ago with Hitler and Mussolini and it despite their rich advocates like the Kochs and Karl the Rove believing otherwise ain’t likely to ever return no matter how much dirty money they toss in the pile.

We still have mountains to climb but we are getting there Dr. King, LBJ and JFK. It is still a long hard climb but the times, as Bob Dylan said, they are a changing! And when they do we will all be the better for it even crusty old cantankerous Antonin Scalia whether he likes it or not!

Bob Bearden


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