Mike Huckabee Threatening to Withdraw from the Republican Party

Mike Huckabee is threatening to withdraw from the Republican Party. That is news of course but the reason is because he doesn’t believe they are the GOP taking a strong enough stand against Gay Marriage. Mike fancies himself the voice of sanity in the Republican Party and on the far right. How’s that work that a guy who is to the extreme right of Rick Santorum, Sarah the Paling, Michelle Bachman and Ted Cruz is the voice of sanity in the Republican Party?

I guess that means there aren’t too many sane voices left in the Republican Party if Mike Huckabee sounds like the voice of reason. His reasoning is that despite what the polls show and despite what most normal members of the Republican Party including far right guru Scott Walker are saying get with the program Gay Marriage is here it isn’t going away so live with it.

But no Mike being the on the air Huckster he is isn’t going to live with it. He’s going to become either an independent or maybe start a revolution and take back the country into the ‘fabulous fifties’, back to the days when things were what?

When Blacks couldn’t eat in the same room with whites. When Jim Crow laws were in force and women were expected to stay at home, get pregnant and have Daddy’s slippers in hand when he came home from a hard day at the office. No accounting in that for Mama’s hard day slaving in the kitchen and mopping the floors.

Mike wants to turn back the calendar and undo all of the many gains minorities and women and gays have made in this nation. He wants to go back to McCartyism, to a time when lynching was common in the south and all the kids learned to ‘duck and cover’ for safety from a possible nuclear attack by the Red Menace. Mike is a real upstanding guy, but not real bright nor able to in a single bound forget what the world was like back then.

Mike’s day has passed but he has an audience of dummies much akin to Limbaugh’s Ditto Heads who hang on his every word as the gospel truth. It just ain’t going to fly anymore Mike you need to change your name to Mike the Huckster because what you are selling is worse than snake oil it is bigotry and hate and it’s not going to fly anymore. This is a new day and another group of citizens who have long been disenfranchised have gained their unalienable rights and you can’t take that away from them through your mad dog rants.

What you are selling Mike people aren’t buying. On sure there are still a few soul mates out there, Phil ‘Duck Dynasty’ Robertson, Michelle Bachman, Louie Gohmert, Glen Beck, Sarah the Paling but they are a dying breed who are out there in the hustings trying to sell hate, avarice, and bigotry to whatever dummy will listen, but it’s just not working anymore the way it used to so you need to find a better more suitable product to hawk on your show. Bigotry and hate doesn’t become you Mike!

Bob Bearden


One thought on “Mike Huckabee Threatening to Withdraw from the Republican Party

  1. 6 years ago Huck was the ‘voice of reason’ in the Republican party. But that was before his radio show and him believing his own press.
    Once the Huck sits down and realizes that he needs the party much, much more then the party needs him….the Huck will blame his comments on the liberal media taking them out of context.

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