Fear Pushes the Vote in the Demented Space That is Occupied by the GOP

Fear pushes the vote in the demented space that is occupied by the GOP. They couldn’t gain any traction on Obamacare because though it’s not perfect it’s working and it’s helping millions of their fellow citizens to have affordable health care and people are liking it more and more. So let’s keep our mouths shut on Obamacare people because if we keep dissing it people might wise up to the fact that it is actually helping reduce the deficit. Oh woe is they!

So now the new bogie man is fear of ebola. Never mind that there has been only one confirmed case of ebola in the US and only one death it is a fear mongering tactic whose time has come, at least for the GOP and they are ramping it up big time. Obama is trying to introduce ebola into our nation to kill off all of his opposition and so his secret agenda to convert our nation to his true religion, which just happens to be Islam will be effective. That and it’s still 3 weeks until Halloween.

And if that is not working too well everywhere that the GOP needs it to work then ISIS is the next fear mongering they are trying to infuse our nation’s voter with. ISIS is massed on the border with Mexico poised to invade Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California and we will soon become an Islamic State where dire things will over take us to our doom. Never fear a new Dracula movie will explain it all. Just vote GOP and all things will be answered.

The GOP is all about spreading fear and nothing about helping our citizens who are mired in poverty and having to work at 2 and 3 jobs to try to make ends meet. No raising the minimum wage won’t work say the GOP candidates because it will kill job growth. Yet in the 11 states that have raised the minimum wage job growth has risen by .85 percent this year. In the other states that have not raised the minimum job growth is only up .61 percent. Figures don’t lie but don’t tell that to the GOP they do.

The lady in Iowa who is running for Tom Harkin’s seat as a GOPer says Iowans don’t need to raise the minimum wage. It’s fine at $7.25. It would be fine if Iowa just did away with the minimum wage altogether Iowans don’t need a minimum wage. They can get by fine on less than the minimum wage. Except they can’t. But don’t let that get in the way of the GOP dogma when comes to helping those at the lower end of the economic scale. They know best.

Trickle down it the thing to do. Give big tax breaks to the rich and it will trickle down. We don’t need no job growth when we have trickle down economics. Trickle down is the thing. Except that it isn’t and it never has been. It has been an utter failure every time it has been tried. Well maybe for everyone except for that chosen few at the upper end of the economic scales.

Don’t fix our nation’s infrastructure that is crumbling bit by bit by bit. Fixing our infrastructure would boost the economy and put millions of the unemployed back to work with good paying living wages jobs and create a lot of real job growth, but no let’s give another tax break to big oil and all of these out of control real human being giant corporations who are sucking every last dollar out of the American economy, raking in insane profits and shifting more and more jobs over to China and other low wage third world countries.

The GOP don’t need no stinkin’ minimum wage increases. The GOP don’t need no stinkin’ infrastructure repair. They just need a lot of voters who are disconnected and who are only plugged into to their smartphones and ipads and IPhones to forget what party it was that got our nation into this mess.

Forget that since Obama took office he has wound down 2 wars, destroyed Al Qeda, took out Osama bin Laden, decreased the deficit, decreased unemployment by nearly 3 percent and helped nearly 10 million more Americans have affordable health care. Yeah let’s make them forget about all that so they can put the GOP back in charge and more people into poverty.

Yeah put a party that has said no to every initiative that President Obama has came up with to spur the economy, rebuild our infrastructure and raise people out of poverty and stop the outsourcing of jobs overseas. That’s who we need to be in charge the PARTY OF NO!

Bob Bearden


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