Freaked Out About Ebola?

Freaked out about Ebola? A lot of people are. Some are so freaked out that they are pushing the fear factor way past stupid. There have only been two confirmed cases in the US ever. Those two cases are currently being handled and are under control and both patients are stable and appear to be recovering, but people like Rick Perry and Louie Gohmert and Michelle Bachman and Sarah the Palin are stoking the fires of fear and misinformation.

There is no epidemic nor currently any pending outbreak of Ebola in the US. But if you listen to the shills and the shrills on the right you would be thinking OMG! One idiot legislator from Texas posed a scenario whereby ISIS was massed on the Mexican border with the Ebola virus in hand poised to invade Texas and turn the US into an Islamic State of which President Obama has been trying to make us since 2009. What a crock of highly pungent BS!

You know what really scares me about all of this is how easily led a lot of supposedly intelligent people are? And the level of stupidity of voters in districts represented by the likes of Louie Gohmert. Gohmert is a certifiable idiot that’s readily apparent from his ravings and utterances some of which do not even make sense like the one he threw at our Attorney General Eric Holder when he testified at a congressional hearing recently.

Gohmert told Holder not to mess with his asparagus. What he was alluding too is anybody’s guess. But that is just one of the many crazy mutterings and utterances Louie has made since being elected to office almost none which made any real sense. You have to wonder at the mentality of his constituents? If they keep re-electing Gohmert to congress with his reduced capacity and mental state what does that say about them? Must be like a lot of people here in Oklahoma who keep electing the likes of John Bennett and Jim Inhofe to public office – They are dumb and proud of it!

I’m not sure why anyone would like to be categorized as Dumb and Proud of it? But you have to wonder at the mentality and the sanity of anyone who would keep putting people like that back in office time after time when all the evidence would lead any normal sane person to understand and believe that they are not the brightest bulbs in the house and that in point of fact they are either really messing with their constituents minds or they are as they appear to be 3 quarts shy of a gallon.

In the Ebola crisis (if you can call 2 diagnosed cases a crisis) politicians especially those on the right are obviously stoking the flames of fear in order to gain votes and it may actually be working in some cases. I like to think that the American voter is not stupid but then I see Michelle Bachman, Louie Gohmert and their ilk keep getting elected to office I do wonder if there aren’t a lot of really mentally challenged voters out there especially in districts these people represent and that’s scary. If we can’t depend on candidates running for office to actually have some modicum of intellect then we as a nation are really in trouble and we obviously don’t have as discerning an electorate as we have always believed.

I mean after nearly 6 years we still have college educated voters still believing in the birther theory. You can expect that of someone like Michelle Bachman or Donald ‘Freaky Haired’ Trump who actually know better but love the spotlight so much that they probably will never get past making fools of themselves on TV. But college educated supposedly enlightened voters who were taught by teachers and their parents to actually think for themselves and to have just a small amount of common sense, those you would think would know that what they are being told by Rush and Glen and Sarah and the bunch of empty headed so-called news anchors on Faux News is patently false.

One would wonder how they ever got through college without learning to tell BS from fact. Every election cycle brings out all the crazy birthers and conspiracy theorists and Agenda 21 sycophants and a lot of crazed politicians and politicos play into their unreasonable fears for all they are worth. Crazy theories are the fodder with which people like Louie Gohmert and his ilk use to keep getting re-elected to office. Stupidity sells on the right very well it would seem. And an inordinate number of voters buy it hook line and sinker! Sad but true.

Bob Bearden


3 thoughts on “Freaked Out About Ebola?

  1. Since the age of antibiotics and vaccines wealthy nations like the U.S. have been literally islands set apart from the illnesses that much of the world lives with daily. Could it be that we have become soft when a couple of scary cases of something shows up? Recall that disease is natural; the absence of it is entirely miraculous. Have we forgotten this? It’s odd that humans do not face worse. Anyway, as things go, the “sky is falling” syndrome is real and imaginary all at the same time which is like sad comedy.

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