Scaring People About Ebola Outbreak in the USA

Thinking that scaring people about the Ebola outbreak in the USA (which consists currently of 2 diagnosed cases) will help them win votes right wing candidates all over the nation are stepping up trying mightily to ramp up fears of thousands of ISIS fighters flooding into the US from Mexico each carrying a vial of the Ebola virus ready to go about infecting every single person they come in contact with.

Ebola is a scary virus. It is a deadly virus when not dealt with properlybut there is no Ebola outbreak in the USA except in the deluded minds of people who should know better the like of Rand Paul who is a doctor of sorts. It makes no sense at all to have a member of the medical profession stoking fears of people except when you look at it from the context of politics then it makes perfect sense.

The right wing Tea Partiers haven’t been able to make any hay in this election dissing Obamacare as governor after governor on the right in red state after red state have decided to embrace Obamacare in their state and accept the inevitable and are now going with the flow. No one on the right is making a lot of headway dissing Obama as a method of ensuring their election or re-election so Ebola deadly virus that you are let’s party together and scare the hell out of a lot of sane well-educated people who’ve had to finally stop overdosing on the ‘birther theory’ and other far out wild and crazy issues that no one save a few wild-eyed wing nuts are still pushing.

It’s a Barnum and Bailey world when you live on the right. Filled with wild and crazy guys and gals like Sarah the Palin who now is facing the possibility that a lot of money her political pac has been raising has been used for things having nothing to do with politics. Or self medicating far out pontificators and blowicators like Rush the Limpbrain who still can ramp up a fear or two against feminazis and even Obama haters now and again.

But for the most part nothing is really working or sticking despite all the mud the far out right world of Koch brothers and Karl Rove have been slinging so Ebola is the next scary thing to push in order to get their way. I know in some quarters of the deluded deep right wing all of this sells and scaring people to go out and vote their fears has worked in the past but more and more people are waking up to the facts and the truths of what these crazy messages of fear are all about.

Fear is a commodity that they have always fallen back on when things aren’t going well but it does work to ramp up the base and they are pushing the Ebola fear factor in hopes of shoring up campaigns that once were sure things but now have become dead heat races. I want to believe that voters are getting wiser and more discerning and won’t buy it. Only time will tell.

Bob Bearden


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