Bill Maher is a Misogynist and a Bigot

Bill Maher is a misogynist and a bigot. This video is a great illustration of his stupid and hostile attitude toward women. He brought her on there to shout her down. Stuck her between two old white men, so he’d have back up shouter downers because he’s a tiny, weak, cowardly, fool. He’s no better than Bill O’Reilly. People think he’s smart and funny because he’s loud and an asshole. They think he’s brave because he’s insulting. He rarely says anything new or interesting–he just wraps his boring, obvious observations in a coat of condescension that makes his audience feel like they’re super smart for “getting it.” And he never misses an opportunity to say something demeaning to women. Never. He’ll go out of his way to say something sexist and slimy. I never understood why anyone listened to this piece of shit, and I hate it when they allow him to speak for “liberals.” He’s a terrible example of a liberal, and what he does on his show is the opposite of useful intelligent discourse. He’s a ridiculous bully.


3 thoughts on “Bill Maher is a Misogynist and a Bigot

  1. I’m sorry but this woman has also been spewing hatred on TV… and also had the temerity to blast MSNBC on CNN when she was actually a frequent guest on all the talk shows on MSNBC. I know that Bill Maher can sometimes be a bit cringe-worthy, but he just said something that we agree with. A Filipino family friend got hit by a speeding car while he was crossing a street ( on a crosswalk) in Saudi Arabia. The family was not able to get justice for the son…. why ? H e wouldn’t get hit by a car if he wasn’t in Saudi Arabia, so that was his fault. Another woman, a Muslim, got married to a Catholic in the Philippines, and converted to Catholicism…. she was killed by her family members. This is not gossip… we knew the husband’s family. You do know that it ‘s illegal for a Muslim to change religion… and it’s punishable by death.? Foreign women are raped and abused there and cannot seek justice. If they do, they will be thrown in jail for having sex with a man not their spouse. It’s not an urban legend…. a relative, my mother’s niece, who worked in bahrain as a front desk receptionost, at a 5 star hotel , was raped, brutally. She went to the police, but they said if she did that, she would be charged herself for having sex…. so she just went back home to the Philippines, and later gave birth to a son. So if Bill Maher said it’s a motherload of bad ideas, it’s true. Oh, and that litel girl what’s her name, who won the Nobel Price… wasn’t she shot in the head because she wanted education for girls ?

  2. Thanks. I read it. Thanks. I will pass this link on to the author of this rant. I post about everything I can from a group page on Facebook–Lawton/FortSill Progressives. Since this blog contains stuff from several folks in Oklahoma, I have always thought about adding a disclaimer like, “This blog contains ideas and opinions that do not necessarily reflect the views of Terry Gresham (that’s me)” However, this facebook post sparked quite a lot of discussion on facebook among Christians, Atheist, trolls, folks who don’t give a flip, and others.

    My personal view is that the problems in the Middle East stem from agreements mishandled after the First Word War creating a climate ripe for extremism, fundamentalism, nationalism, and distrust of western powers. As we have seen even with Christianity, it has been extremism, fundamentalism, nationalism, and distrust of others that has led practitioners here in Oklahoma to commit some of the most heinous crimes of our century. I don’t think the problem is religion, that’s just my opinion since I live with Christianity and Islam all the time. I have seen folks not typical. Most of them are beautiful people.

    Another thing in all this is what I call silencing of Palestine. I think it is done in many ways in the US. from the firing of reporters who give voice to Palestine or the negating of Arab voices on TV network, and in some ways criticism of religion. It’s like we in the US want a solution to the Isreali-Palestine conflict but just only without Palestine’s input.

    Religion may not be the problem. What if it’s power, greed, land, oil, and opium–especially power– that leads to fundamentalist practices in the name of Allah or Christ? I do not condone violence of any sort, Christian or Muslim, but I say that if one can find one example of where a Christian or a Muslim do not commit heinous crimes then it may not be the religion at all but the evil of men. I say this because I have never seen my Muslim sister of her husband in Dallas do anything that was not loving and kind and generous. On the other hand, I also see my Christian side of the family not killing Satanists or bombing clinics.

    As far as the media, I wish labeling would not include the word “Islamic.” That sounds misleading? What is the message there? Even If the Group in question uses the word Islam to describe themselves shouldn’t we seek to find a better description as a label for that group–a label that does not attempt to drag or implement 1.6 billion people in their crimes. I wish they would use more apt and descriptive names for the people and organizations. We might say, ‘Yeah, yeah, Islamic Whatever, what is your real name?”

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