This is literally the last day. The activity now has turned to GOTV and no matter what the polls say getting out the vote matters and when you vote you can make a difference. I have already voted by absentee ballot. I like voting that way because it gives me a chance to look at the candidates and it makes voting fun and easy.

The importance  can’t be understated. And don’t believe that just because the polls say your candidate is going to lose that your vote isn’t important enough for you not to go and cast it. The Right to Vote is the most basic and the most precious right we as Americans have, without the Right to Vote all of the other rights we as citizens possess are meaningless. And anyone who would even begin to think about taking that right away is not a patriot in any sense of the word.

If you don’t cast your vote then you are essentially saying I don’t care whether I have the Right to Vote or not. And never ever believe that your vote doesn’t count, because every vote counts but the votes that don’t count are the ones that are never cast and therein lies the problem.

When you refuse to cast your vote in any election you are simply saying that voting doesn’t matter and you are telling those who would do whatever they can to keep you from voting that you agree with them. And to those who would make it difficult for any citizen of this great nation to vote I say you are not a true American, because our nation was founded and for the past 237 years our citizens have fought battle after battle to make sure that every member of our society has the right to vote.

And many members of our society haven’t always been allowed the Right to Vote, but have had to literally fight for their right to cast a ballot for whomever they choose to. Women fought and some even died for over 100 years to be allowed as a citizen of this nation the Right to go to the polls and cast their ballot.

Native Americans for many years weren’t allowed to vote in a land from which they sprang and of which they once owned and controlled all of. They had to battle prejudice and tyranny just to be allowed a right that they should have had by right of birth.

Millions of African Americans were disenfranchised from the Right to Vote even after a war was fought on American soil to free them from slavery and the 14th Amendment gave them their rights. They had to struggle for another 100 years just to be allowed to cast their ballot for whomever they chose. Other minorities were often kept from voting time after time and often had to struggle just to receive a right that they should have been given freely under the constitution.

Over the past four years with the advent of the Tea Party in state after state conservative legislators have passed laws that are designed to make it difficult if not next to impossible for minorities, seniors and students to be allowed to cast their vote unfettered and freely.

These legislators who pass these laws claim they are doing it to prevent voter fraud and yet they cannot point to a case of voter fraud that has been prosecuted in their state often in ten to twenty years or ever. I say anyone who attempts to prevent any citizen of our nation from freely going to the polls and casting their ballot for the candidate of their choice is not a patriot and anyone who believes that the reason these onerous voter ID laws are being passed to protect a citizen’s Right to Vote is doesn’t know what they are talking about.

Voting is a right that our founders believed was the right from which all other rights sprang and we have had millions of our youth fight and die to protect that right for all of our citizens. We have fought political battle after political battle to ensure that every citizen has the right to go to the polls and cast their ballot without the fear of intimidation. And to allow a few people who seek to control every aspect of our lives to suppress any single member of our society’s Right to Vote freely and unfettered by onerous and unnecessary restrictions is tatamount to treason and we as citizens of this great nation should stand up and cast our vote and in doing so say NO! NO! NO! YOU WILL NOT KEEP ME FROM VOTING!

We can do exactly that! But only if we make the effort to go to the polls and cast our vote! I’m a veteran! I have voted! And as a veteran I have served my country because I believe that every single citizen every single other has and should have the Right to Vote Unabridged! I AM A VETERAN, I AM A PATRIOT AND I VOTE!

Bob Bearden


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