News From Oklahoma

My friend Collin Walke made it a close race, but all of his hard work went for naught as Jason Nelson eked out another close victory by just over 300 votes. Kudoes to Collin for being there and for all the hard work he and his wife Lori and others did for him during the past one year plus. There is always going to be another day and Collin is a man who, I predict be back again. He is a good man and he is the kind of leadership we need and someday, hopefully before I leave this earth we will have.

Not a lot of good news to report in Oklahoma as the Republicans red-necked their way to victory once again. Sadly, it now looks like an aging cranky old Jim Inhofe will soon be in charge of our environment all across our nation. That certainly can’t be good news for anyone except China as with Inhofe the premier climate denier in charge Smoggy Skies will likely become the order of the day and fracking and earthquakes will likely be something we will be saddled with for the foreseeable future. Not good news on any level.

Obamacare will again be attacked over and over again and that can’t be good news either as we will more than likely see numerous attempts continue to repeal it or change it is some form or fashion and not likely for the better. Even though millions more of our citizens now have health care that they didn’t have a few years ago, those on the right don’t believe that those same citizens deserve to have health care at all.

Our infrastructure which is crumbling will likely see more and more terrible disasters befall our roads and bridges with the possible consequences being more lives lost. For our seniors and the most vulnerable among us we will more than likely see more attempts to destroy their fragile safety nets of Social Security and Medicare. All in the name of saving them. More and more schools that will become Charter Schools and more and more of our children will be at risk of not being able to receive a quality education.

But hey the electorate has spoken and they do not like the sweet smell of success. Despite 55 months of continuous job growth they don’t care they want what they want and it they made it plain as the nose on their faces they don’t like congress and so they went to the polls and gave carte blanche to a congress who wants to destroy everything that has been accomplished in the last 6 years, even I guess, if it means destroying the very things that they count on.

But hey we don’t like the fact that things are getting better so let’s see what we can do to make things worse for ourselves and this nation. Can’t stand success then give control of it to those who would do everything in their power to end it.

Minimum wage? Seventy-three percent of the American public believes it should be raised and yet that same group of people just voted for a congress who will not do anything remotely to raise the minimum wage. Does that make sense? Not on any level I have been able to understand.

Nearly 90 percent of the American public believes congress should be doing something to stop the outsourcing of American jobs overseas and yet they went to the polls yesterday and elected the very people who believe outsourcing is okay. Forest Gump you’re right, “Stupid is as stupid does!” And obviously too many people don’t have a clue.

But we are getting what the Koch brothers have paid for and welcome to it for the next two years we will have to live with the results like it or not.

Smile you’re on candid camera. Change for the better only if you believe have more smog in our air and more earthquakes in our ground. Jim Inhofe does and we re-elected him and he will do everything in his power to ensure that we soon will rival China in carbon emissions and will likely try to have us all wearing masks when we go out to job in our city parks.

Yeah! American the beautiful except don’t expect to see much of it for a while.

Bob Bearden


One thought on “News From Oklahoma

  1. We get the kind of government that we deserve. Where I voted yesterday was as quiet as a graveyard….. I… I have no words to say about this anymore… * raising hands in defeat*….

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