Life Goes on After Elections

Life goes on even after elections especially after elections that didn’t go as I might have liked them to. I have been there before and someone has suggested to me that I suck it up and I guess they are suggesting that I like it or lump it. I don’t suck it up for anybody suck up means what? I have been through a lot of elections whereby I didn’t necessarily like the outcome of but it doesn’t mean I am going to change the person that I am.

For whomever believes I should suck it up I say this I came from a school of hard knocks. And suck it up doesn’t mean squat to me because I’ve been doing what is necessary all my life. When you have hitchhiked halfway across the country at the age of 8, that’s sucking it up pretty good I doubt anyone who would tell me to suck it ever had to suck it up at age 8. My mother and my brother and I left Phoenix Arizona the first of December in 1949 headed for Geary Oklahoma we just had the clothes on our back and ten cents between us and I think we sucked it up okay. We made it to Geary in 4 days with the aid and comfort of a lot of great people. People who didn’t look down upon us or who dissed us for being lazy and shiftless and not wanting to work. They helped us because they cared about what happened to us and they didn’t tell us to suck it up.

Suck it up is in my book reserved for people who’ve never really had to face the adversities that I have over the years a lived to tell about it. What I went through made be understand that just because you are poor or without funds doesn’t make you lazy or shiftless or worthless. Sadly too many people today believe that if someone doesn’t have what they have that, that means those people are worthless and don’t want to make a change in their lives. I know better because I have been there and done that and sucked it up for real. I made my way in the world and I was not and am not a self-made man.

I made my way because other people gave me a helping hand when I needed it and I didn’t turn around and bite the hands that helped get to where I am today. Suck it up? Most people who talk that way have absolutely no clue as to what it means to be poor because they never have been poor, for if they had really been poor they wouldn’t be going around and saying things like suck it up.

I have worked hard all my life and I have been lucky because I had a good foundation of family. My mother, my grandfather, my aunts and uncles, my grandmother and fortunate enough to have friends who didn’t go about telling me to suck it up, but who cared and who offered friendship, advice and mentoring when I needed it. They cared and they didn’t look down on me because I was poor. They understood what it means to have compassion and what it means when you care about someone and they were not cynical about people who weren’t as fortunate as they were.

Compassion and caring is much more important than being crabby and telling someone to suck it up. If you really care about more than just those who have plenty you won’t go around telling people who have less that it’s their fault because they didn’t try hard enough. You will reach out and lend a helping hand. Suck it up? That’s simply being selfish and not caring about people. You’ve got yours so tuff sh*t, suck it up and quit being lazy and shiftless.

As Franklin Roosevelt once said, “The measure of our progress is not about adding to the bounty of those who have much, but how we treat those among us who have little.” I’ve been poor and I can tell you being poor is not something anyone aspires to be. And to believe that they do is just plain and simple stupid.

I don’t hate rich people but I do believe that when you have plenty you should do what you can to make life better for those who have less. There have been a lot of wealthy people who have worked to make life easier for those less fortunate some of them even Republicans. Teddy Roosevelt comes to mind. Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt and the Kennedys were perfect examples of rich people who gave away millions of their personal fortunes to help others less fortunate and who did what they could to help make life easier for people in our nation who had far less than they did. They did it because they cared and because they were compassionate.

Being rich isn’t something that is necessarily a bad thing but when you are rich and when you seek to control what people who have little do and say and when you toss money into political campaigns simply to override the will of the people then that is in my opinion not doing the right thing with your riches. Hording money for the sake of hording money doesn’t make any sense to me and it never has. You can’t take it with you and when you are gone it is seldom used for the purpose with which the person who craved it and horded it had intended it to be. Being rich is only good when you use it for good.

So the election is over and my life will go on as it always has before and as it will until the day I join the Great Spirit and begin a new path. I will not go into that good night without saying what I believe and I will continue to be the man that those who helped me along my way made me to be. I am my mother’s child and I will always be so. And I will not be sucking it up and keeping my mouth shut, because that is not who I am and it will never be who I am.

Bob Bearden


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