An Oklahoma Problem

Yesterday I saw a mailer that our new representative for District 62 bought with some of the $10,000 he was given by the Koch brothers or maybe the for-profit prison system that donated heavily to T.W. Shannon and our once and future terrible Governor Mary Fallin. The mailer claimed that at a time when crime rates are “skyrocketing” in Lawton, John Dunaway for State Representative District 62 wants to grant early release to “criminals.” The truth is that John Dunaway and Connie Johnson for US Senate were some of the only candidates we had running who were discussing the issue of mass incarceration in Oklahoma, despite the fact that everyone has acknowledged that the overcrowding of our prisons with people who are usually guilty of DRUG ADDICTION, if even that, is devastating our families, our communities and our public discourse. They say they care about families, but they will support policies that rip fathers from their homes and put them in cages, that steal children from loving mothers and put them in the foster system. This is a problem we cannot ignore. And the ignorance John Michael Montgomery and other “tough on crime” candidates show by not only failing to acknowledge it but working to worsen the situation is absolutely unacceptable. If they won’t listen to us, then we have to be louder and more active. Now. This is an Oklahoma problem. This is our most urgent crisis.

Teri McGrath


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