Congratulations to Senator Elizabeth Warren

f5375d0ed382f972a478f38c769133d3Congratulations to Senator Elizabeth Warren who was elected to a leadership post in the Democratic Senate Caucus today. Having had the good fortunate to hear her speak at the Letter Carriers National Convention in Philly last July I am proud to say that she deserves to be recognized as a leader and that the Democrats sorely need a leader the likes of Senator Warren who is intelligent, articulate, knowledgeable and has a huge amount of plain old fashion Will Rogers type of Oklahoma Liberal Common Sense. I would love to see her become the Senate Majority Leader in two years or even president (which is less likely).

America needs more common sense intellect the like of Senator Warren. And the Democratic Party certainly needs the type of leadership that Senator Warren can provide. She is one terrific human being who is clearly out ahead of all the rest. The one thing that our congress needs is a lot more individuals like Senator Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders. I was fortunate enough to be one of the veterans who accompanied Senator Sanders to the podium and stand with him when he gave his speech to our National Convention in Philly in July. I was even lucky enough to be in the picture when he made the cover of our National Magazine.

Senator Sanders and Senator Warren are two level-headed to speak truth to power every day on the Hill and we sorely need more women and men of their caliber in leadership roles.

Bob Bearden


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