On George Lakoff’s Piece About the Midterms

In George Lakoff’s piece about the midterms, he basically says that Democrats’ strategies suck. Democratic strategists, like Republicans, offer trainings. I tend to agree. They do offer trainings. When Trav Robertson, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Democratic Party came down to Lawton, the strategy pushed by this young man just happens to be on the top of Lackoff’s list of strategies that do not work. But Trav places almost religious devotion upon the strategy he promotes. I remember, because Teri McGrath pointed it out, that at one point in his sermon he stated that, in speaking about voters, “You can’t fix stupid.” Not only is “You can’t fix stupid” clique, it is falsely promoted as true.

Topping Lakoff’s list–“Use demographic categories to segment the electorate, categories from the census (race, gender, ethnicity, age, marital status, income, zip code), as well as publicly available party registration…” That’s the part that doesn’t work. It might be a useful numbers tool but by itself it sucks.

Lakoff goes on to say that, “The training should focus on the new, not the old, strategies, and should be more widely offered to citizens who want to speak publicly in their communities.” Lakoff points out that people want morals. Most strategies leave out morals. Read Lakoff’s article and tell me what you think. Morals are not stupid and most people I believe have morals and want candidates and the Democrats to have morals. http://www.truth-out.org/…/27296-democratic-strategies-lost…

Terry Gresham


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