The Republicans are Back in Charge of Congress

President Obama Addresses The Nation On The Connecticut School ShootingThe republicans are back in charge of congress again and we have talk of all kinds of wonderful things they intend to do for us ordinary citizens, well that is the ones who have a billion or two us lessor lights not so much. They said in their weekly rebuttal address to the President’s weekly radio address that they will focus on the economy and jobs as the American people have asked them to.

But wait isn’t there more about that? Haven’t they been focusing on jobs and the economy for the past 6 years? Oh wait, that wasn’t them that was the President. 55 months of job growth since January 2009. The economy while not back to where their shining moment president took it into the dumper but much better than it was. So what part of the economy are they going to focus on?

The part where they have refused to pass a much needed bill to rebuild our crumbling nation’s infrastructure that the President has asked them to do every year since January 2009? You know the real part of our economy that needs focusing on.

Are they going to focus on raising the minimum wage that 83% of the American public say they want to see? No? Why not? Oh they believe (lead by Joni Ernst) that American low-wage workers don’t need a raise they’re just lazy and don’t work hard enough at $7.25 hour as it is. So they don’t want to raise the minimum wage, they want to do away with minimum wage and make them lazy suckers out there go out and find a good job and quit being lazy and shiftless.

Yeah, that’s why we elected these guys and gals so they can make sure that we do away with social security and Medicare because those things aren’t needed and besides they want to give a tax cut to all of the corporate world because after all those people (and now they are people thanks to the 5 Supremes) need more tax breaks, and tax cuts so they keep creating all those jobs they have been so diligently creating in China and Korea and Mexico.

Our people don’t need any stinking Medicare or Obamacare or Social Security those are just handouts to all the lazy bums who pretend to be poor and who don’t really want to work for a living, like all those people up in those corporate corner offices who worked hard and didn’t receive anything from anybody (well maybe a little help from Mom and Dad who tossed them a few million bucks when they left this earth for warmer climes).

Immigration reform send all back to where they came from. Hey us Native Americans gotta agree with that we’ll clear out this country in a hurry if they do that for us. Of course it would mean that most of those guys and gals that got elected would have to go back somewhere. Ah, not a bad idea especially if we send Ted Cruz back to Canada and his dad back to spend some time with his ole buddy Fidel.

Boy howdy, once they get going they are going really fix things without a minimum wage and any way to get on the government dole their corporate buddies will have a great group of potential slaves to pick from and they will have to work for whatever corporate wants to pay them – maybe some that old fashioned company store script? If they get hungry they will come begging to work for whatever corporate wants to pay them.

We’ll soon see what them people are really made of if they can just accomplish all of this before they crash the economy again. If not we’ve always got Obama to blame for whatever stupid thing they do!

Doesn’t get any better than that!

Bob Bearden


One thought on “The Republicans are Back in Charge of Congress

  1. The republicans? Which ones? Just like with Democrats we have the long staning divides- north vs south. Urban VS Rural. And of course the supposed “Tea Party” which doesn’t have the ***** to run as a 3rd party, but instead hides under the Republican banner.
    And after years of being able to safely talk big with no real chance of their proposals going anywhere- they are finally going to have to sign their names to actual policies, which may well face a veto.
    Interesting times. I said back in 2008 we should vote for Palin/McCain because republicans had so fubar’d the country, and the worst fallout from their policies was just coming into effect, that whoever won wouldn’t see power again for decades. Then Obama did the unthinkable- and stopped the worst of the declines, and started turning things around. Then the “fun” (aka freakouts”) REALLY began…
    We shall see…

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