People Say I Am Too Hard on Those on the Right

I get complaints from people I know who say I am too hard on those on the right and shouldn’t be dissing them all the time. And I think oh well they’re right, maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on them rich old cranky white guys and their minions in the state and national legislatures. And then I read about a group of Tea Party School Board members in Gilbert Arizona who decided to require that school district rip to out pages from biology books that mention abortion and I think I’m not the 800lb crazy in the room they are.

How does ripping out pages in a textbook going to keep kids from learning about abortion good or bad? Most kids have iPhones, iPads, smartphones and computers they surf the net a lot more than I do, that knowledge is out there, you ain’t going to be able to keep it in a box any longer. Let them do like my mom did and teach them to think for themselves and get the facts before they make up their minds.

But, then I think well that’s the problem allowing people to learn and to learn to think for themselves and oh gosh that’s not what those rich old white guys like the Kochs want people to do. They want to tell us and especially kids what they should think and believe. We should be well into the age of enlightenment and we have people trying to take us back to them good ole days of H.L. Hunt and John Birch and Jim Crow laws.

Yeah we should follow Phil Robertson the Duck Dynasty guy who said African Americans were a lot happier back in the day when they still lived under Jim Crow laws. And we have people who defend Phil as not being a racist? Have they ever looked up the meaning of the word? Doesn’t sound that they likely have.

And when I spoke about the results of the recent mid-term elections I had someone who indicated I was just expressing sour grapes because I shouldn’t be giving people like Joni Ernst a hard time over her views. But her views I would hope to god aren’t mainstream, because Joni wants to do away with the minimum wage and make all those lazy low wage workers have to go out there and find a good job and quit being lazy and shiftless.

And I think that well maybe he was right maybe I am being too hard on her and others of her ilk and stripe after all she did get elected. But then I hear about the guy who owns Hobby Lobby and lives right here in Oklahoma who has come up with an idea to have a class introduced in schools around Oklahoma to teach the Bible and I think what? Is he crazy? Well maybe but he actually tried to get this introduced into the Mustang School District starting with the fall semester. It got postponed and finally dropped altogether after saner heads prevailed.

And then there’s the rich white guy who goes around tearing down places where poor people live and doing it wearing clothes made by Armani. And I think no I’m not the 800 Crazy in the room these people are. And it may not be a fun job talking about these crazies but somebody’s got to do it and I tell myself okay some people ain’t going to like what I say but I really don’t give a rat’s ass (pardon my French) I’m going to continue to do it anyway and those who don’t like it can defriend me, because if they can’t stand the truth well tough.

A lot of people who got elected in 2014 are two sheets short of a full page and we’re likely to hear a lot more crazy coming out of Washington in the next couple of years. So I don’t plan to sit idly by and say nothing as David Niven said in his role as a New York Drama Critic in the movie ‘Please Don’t Eat The Daisies’. I shall continue to yell tripe whenever tripe is served.

Bob Bearden


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