Action on Immigration

It’s been four days since President Obama announced his executive action on Immigration and somehow the sky has not fallen in nor has anarchy taken place (well except on that new television show) the world is still turning and no Mexicans have taken Sarah Palin’s advice (thankfully) and started their swim back across the ocean from whence they came. Of course no one knows what ocean she was referring to. Sarah seems to have shot one moose too many or perhaps incited to riot once too often, since she increasingly seems two sheets short of a page.

Our illustrious retiring US Senator (and I use that term very loosely) Tom Coburn’s dire predictions of total chaos and possible anarchy have not come yet to fruition and obviously it is comforting to know now that he is well in his dotage and is retiring from the Senate and hopefully will take his dreams of chaos and anarchy with him but let us also hope he doesn’t decide to go back to practicing medicine as it would appear he could be a danger to his patients as well as to himself.

The boo birds are out in force on Faux News and Rush Limbaugh is almost in total apoplexy over the massive constitutional violations they have dredged up over Obama’s Executive Action, but they as usual are faced with a complete failure of memory. It was their hero of heroes Ronald ‘Why Ain’t He On Mount Rushmore Already’ Reagan who issued a very similar executive order back in the day and there was absolutely no massive wringing of hands and cries of send them all back when ole forget me not Ronnie (wish we could) issued his sweeping executive order.

And of course every Republican President since ole Tricky Dick have issued executive orders on immigration and the granting of some sort of amnesty to millions of immigrants who came here illegally allowing them to stay in this country without fear of deportation. What is the difference? You should ask?

The difference is holy moly those guys were all cranky old white GOPers to the manor born. Barack Obama not so much. Get the picture? Not saying that there is any racism rearing its ugly head but you do the math. Five old white guys one not quite so old half white guy who suddenly issues executive orders forgiving the sins of the illegals and the old white guys are lionized while the half white guy is vilified and threatened with anarchy and of course it’s not about race.

No one on the right would dare to admit to such a thing. Why they don’t have a prejudiced bone in their bodies and they don’t have a clue as to what the constitution says but they will call out the dire straits to sing a song of six pence a pocket full of rye.

Do I think they are idiots? No, but they are so blinded by hatred of one man that they lack the ability to see the forest for the trees.

Bob Bearden


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