Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders

In congress these days we have only two people who carry the ball for the people– Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Pretty much them standing against the onslaught of corporate money and creed. They are the conscience of the nation and without them all would be lost. The lack of statesmanship in our congress creatures is appalling. And it holds true sadly for both sides of the aisle. When corporate money gets in the way of what the people want then the people get the shaft and corporate gets the gold mine.

The recent rush to pass the budget bill to keep the government running the spotlights were turned off and into the bill came a bunch of hidden agenda in the form of essentially gutting the Dodd/Frank bill that was passed in the wake of the Wall Street debacle of 2008. It was passed as a protection against those greedy bastards on Wall Street (pardon my language but that’s exactly what they are) of pulling their shenanigans all over again as they really want to do.

But Elizabeth Warren was having none of it even if the president, Nancy Pelosi and a whole bunch of republicans were ready to set sail on that sea again. Elizabeth threw a monkey wrench into the proceedings and nearly derailed the bill in the house and flipped Pelosi to coming back over to the correct side. Now the bill’s in the Senate and it will be up to Harry Reid as one of his last acts as Senate Majority Leader to step up to the plate and try to hit a home run for the people against once more doling out more corporate welfare.

If those onerous sugar teats that was placed in the bill during under the cover of darkness gets kicked out we can thank Senator Elizabeth Warren for her service in remembering that she serves the people not the corporate lobbyists. We are going to need her will, guts and expertise over the next two years if we as the people are going to have any thing left for our side, because as soon as the republicans take over it’s Katy Bar The Door for poor people, working people and what is good for our nation and our citizens.

You can start down the halls of congress and on each door you will be able to see the ink still drying on the doors of congress that say Corporate Lackey or Corporate Shill. But with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren the buck stops at their door and we will sorely need them over the next two years if any real power of the people is to survive.

We the people will be under attack from day one. Social Security, Medicare, the Affordable Care Act and all the programs that have been put in place to help ordinary people of this nation will be under attack with intent to destroy. The United States Postal Service the one public entity that should be protected by the constitution will also be subjected to attacks in an attempt to siphon off the most profitable parts and end door to door delivery and six-day delivery and delivery to every household and business in the nation.

The very fabric of our nation and all of the safety nets put in place for our seniors and the most vulnerable among us will be placed on the chopping block and the lopping off will begin. Elections do have consequences and this election may spell dire consequences for our nation and its citizens.

Bob Bearden


One thought on “Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders

  1. I like your post, and agree with your sentiment. However, the corporations and super Pacs didn’t elect our members of Congress and the President, We did. And there is no one responsible for these destructive contents in these bills except we voters. Its time that we stop blaming Congress, and claiming there is nothing we can do. Pogo was right; we looked in the mirror and the enemy is us.

    Look in your own state. How many of these clowns were re-elected? Nationally, we all deride the members of Congress, we all say we want change, we all say “throw the bums out.” And then we go right on and re-elect our own bums.

    So as much as I, too deride Congress, state legislatures, and governors, the fact remains we get what we deserve.

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