The Unfathomable: Senator Tom Coburn Rambles on about it in End of Career Speech

In a Bizarre end of career speech Senator Tom Coburn rambled about things that were unfathomable to almost everyone who was listening. He even cried a little crocodile tears most likely although they may have been sincere, who knows? Most of what he spoke about was pretty much off in left field and left those who actually were listening scratching their heads and saying to themselves WTF was that all about?

But it was what he didn’t say and what he didn’t do. He is solely responsible for withholding a bill that would have benefited veterans especially in light of the fact that 22 veterans commit suicide almost everyday in this country. Dr. Tom for whatever insane reason that resides within his obviously demented mind has refused to release the bill and in his last bizarre act of stupidity again refused.

As a veteran I say so long Dr. Tom and good riddance. I wish him no ill will but I will say any veteran who ever voted for this clown should be ashamed of themselves for doing so. He hated the postal service, he hated unions, he hated workers and their families and he definitely hated veterans as he proved time and again. But I am and can be forgiving because that’s who I am as a liberal thinker.

But, in the case of Dr. Tom Coburn I am having a very difficult time in the doing. As a veteran who served my country in time of crisis I was fortunate that my service had no lasting ill effects upon my mind or body. But I have a brother who served in Vietnam who has had a hard time dealing with life over the years since his two tours of duty in Vietnam, the last one nearly ending in his death, which fortunately didn’t happen.

But I know something about veteran’s issues since my uncle Ray who survived a tour of duty in a Japanese prison camp and spent the remainder of his life paying for it until his untimely death at the young age of 56. He suffered from PTSD all of his adult life and was in and out of VA Hospitals over a period of many years. He battled depression and suffered from horrendous nightmares until his death.

I forgive Dr. Tom Coburn for his sins of omission but I will not forget what he could have done to come to the aid of thousands of our current veterans suffering the scars of battle that Dr. Tom never had to face. I hope he is able to sleep well at night because I know a lot of veterans who don’t and because of Dr. Tom’s refusal to do the right thing won’t!

Goodbye Dr. Tom Coburn and the US Senate is a much better place without you!

Bob Bearden


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