Relations with Cuba? Normal relations with Cuba? OMG! There is going to be an explosion on the right. But in the interest of sane and common sense it is something we should have done a long time ago. We continued our relations with the Soviet Union, and Nixon unmixed old Red China. We even have relations with Angola. So why not Cuba. And who better to make that happen than Pope Francis, after all he took his name from St Francis of Assisi!

Of course Ted Cruz late of Canada is agin it! Newty is agin it! Mitt is agin it! Marco Rubio doing a palid imitation of Tom Coburn seemed be not only agin it but he also seemed to be dissing the Pope because the Pope ain’t agin it! In a landmark historic move President Obama with the help of the Pope reached an agreement to normalize relations with Cuba after over 50 years of angst and decades of blockade and generally stupid moves by both the Cuban government and the US government to the contrary. It is something whose time has come and it should have come much sooner.

Yes Cuba is still a communist nation but mostly in name only and normalizing relations with Cuba will have an enormous impact on a number things all of them good for the US. Cuba quit trying to export their revolutionary brand of communism many years ago because nobody in the Americas were buying it and they have been seeking to have normal relations with the US for many years. Castro desperately needs good relations with the US and I for one believe we will see a dissipation of their brand of communism within the next few years. Communism doesn’t work and it never did but we as a country have kept it alive for much too long.

Our own inability to deal with communism effectively has kept Cuban communism alive way past it discard date. America does so much better when it leads by example of what democracy does than trying to push our brand of democracy off on other country who need to find their own way to freedom and democracy. You can’t force democracy on people by the point of a gun or bayonet. The British learned that lesson many years ago but we still have a bunch of neo-cons who think we can force feed democracy on another country when it just can’t be done.

Democracy is as the saying goes a very bad form of government. It is imprecise, imperfect and very, very messy as we Americans have come to realize. The way it works is the way it works, but when you try to force what we believe to be true upon people who have little or no knowledge as to what freedom means or what self-governing stands for it just doesn’t work.

Left to their own devises most nation will eventually come to some kind of democratic accommodation that works for their nation. We have interfered too long in too many places for reasons that often have more to do with economics and greed than they do with spreading democracy. We need to keep doing what we do by example and let other nations chart their own path.

We have created far too many dictatorship because of our desire to spread our democracy and influence. It is time we let nations float on their own standing beside them as partners and helping them chart their own independent course to whatever brand of democracy that works for them.

I’m sure there will be those who say I am naïve but what we’ve been doing in the past hasn’t worked and Cuba is a perfect example of that failure.

Bob Bearden


3 thoughts on “Cuba

  1. First lets look at the history. Cuba has never been a Democracy Cuban’s lived under a Fascist dictatorship from 1944-1959. US Corporations and the Mafia ran the country. Cuban citizen’s who were in favor of a Democratic government were throw in prison or shot. The Commie’s, I hate as much as the Fascist, over threw Fascist dictator Fulgencio Batista. The GOP are a bunch of hypocrites. Where was the outrage when he sold the American workers out to the Chinese Communist by sending 74,000 US factory’s to be manned by slave labor?

  2. Relationship with Cuba might be more about crippling Putin than anything. Falling oil prices already have Putin sad, why not make him cry by stealing his friend Raul?

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