Required Reading – A Brief History of The CIA’s Involvement With Drug Smuggling – Part 1

The Green Pulpit

**EDITOR: This piece starts to bring the whole room together. As one can see, it was OSS China that initiated the global narcotics trade after World War II and sustained it for decades to come using their influence over CIA covert action and US foreign policy.

The CIA’s Involvement with Drug Smuggling by Dark Politics (Post 2008) – Part 1 

Opium Finds Its Way To Asia

Chinese Opium Den Chinese Opium Den

The origin of opium can be traced back to the Middle East region of Mesopotamia circa 3100 B.C. Centuries later Alexander the Great exported the narcotic eastward to India in 330 B.C. By 400 A.D. it became a large market in China where it was introduced by Arab traders.

Southeast Asia got its first dose of opium in 1500 when Portuguese, while trading along the East China Sea, initiated the smoking of opium. Within two centuries the Dutch were exporting shipments…

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