The Presidential Press Conference: Female Reporters

The president gave a great press conference and in what may be quite historic only called on female reporters for questions to the chagrin of a lot of men (and that rhymes appropriately). I watched the press conference and until someone pointed it out on a later news program I did not notice that all those asking the questions were women. Bully for Barack! It’s about time.

The press was long a bastion male only fraternity and women took a lot of flack (and still do in some venues) over getting their chances and opportunities to show that they could report the news of the day just as well and in many cases even better than men. For far too long a lot of news outlets (and there is still some of that even today) news programs went for the pretty face, especially if it was a female. So a lot of women had to climb a much higher standard just to get a toehold.

On to the press conference. The president was definitely in rare form and in a slightly festive mood it seemed to me. He seemed relaxed and confident and ready to take on the next two years of what promises to be a hard-nosed battle with a congress that is now in the hands of the Republicans. But he seemed ready for that battle and prepared not to just stand by idly and try to polish his legacy, but ready, willing and able to make moves and take actions that will have a lasting impact on our nation and its people and upon his legacy.

He isn’t acting like a lame duck and his poll numbers have jumped up over 10 percent in the past couple of weeks reflecting his mood and the fact that he is standing up to congress and saying you want to work on immigration, you want to work on jobs, you want to work on improving our infrastructure then go to work and pass a bill or else I will do whatever I can to make whatever I can happen.

He is saying I am willing to work with you to help our nation, but I am not going to stand idly by and let you dismantle Social Security, Medicare and the Affordable Care Act. No, I will use my veto powers when they are needed.

And the ball is in the GOP court they can’t blame Harry Reid and the Democrats anymore. If they won’t act to make a difference then it will be on their heads and it will be left up to them to explain why they are anti-women. Why they are anti-seniors. Why they are anti-minority. Why they don’t want to do the right thing and fix our infrastructure. They can’t whine their way out of the next two years.

And already we are seeing the strain that governing is putting on them and they haven’t even yet begun to govern. The Cuba action by the president has opened up a deep rift in the party of no and it is likely to widen as the days grow longer and they find themselves burdened with the art of actually having to govern and make laws that make a difference in the lives of our citizens and not just for an exalted few Citizens United elite who put them in charge.

Elections do have consequences and the consequences for the GOP may not be pretty. They are facing a president who is not bowed nor cowed by their intransigence but emboldened by it. To echo the cry of Geronimo, Who will they send against him now?

Bob Bearden


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