Was William McKinley Named After a Mountain in Alaska?

It's History, Folks

1477379_10152388483333698_2416289234561699978_nPresident William McKinley was named after Alaska’s Mount McKinley. After little William was born in a small log cabin at the foot of this mountain (the peak is 20,237 feet above sea level) His family made the investment in a name change and the rest is history. True or False?

That’s all kinds of False. First of all, everybody knows mountains don’t have feet!

Okay, sit down for a minute. Let’s talk about this just so we know everybody’s on the same page. Think this through.

President McKinley was not named after a Mountain in Alaska. If he had been his name would have been President William Denali. (The native Athabascan people call the mountain Denali, meaning “The Great One”) A gold prospector, William Dickey, named it Mount McKinley in 1896, after President William McKinley.

It would have been a nice thing to be named Denali after one of the…

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