Leave Them To Heaven

They just won’t go away or tone down their bigotry or racism. If Ronald Reagan had reduced the deficit, lowered gas prices, increased oil production to where America is now the leading oil producer in the world, gotten Osama bin Laden, brought unemployment down to less than 6%, increased the economy by 5%, helped 10 million more Americans get health insurance (many millions who have never had it before), added 11 million jobs and crashed North Korea’s Internet, well let’s just say he would have been put up for God of the Century.

But Obama? No.  He gets absolutely no credit for all of that. The only president who never gets any credit for any thing good, but gets hammered over any slight misstep even if it’s not his fault. And because they can’t really dis him for being black they use all manner of euphemisms to describe him and all of them racist in nature and meaning. But you can’t argue with idiot bigots because they simply by their rhetoric make your case for you. Forest Gump had it right when he said, “Stupid is as stupid does.” And the better things get the more stupid they get in their harangue.

I suppose God loves them any way as I was taught in Sunday school God loves all sinners, whether they are idiots or not. And I too adhere to that philosophy because otherwise I would go nuts myself trying to make sense of people who have degrees and good paying jobs and yet who are clueless as to how to be disagreeable and not become hateful bigots.

Obama isn’t perfect. No president has ever been perfect not even Ronald “Demi-God’ Reagan. Even the great ones had their flaws. For Christ’s Sake, George Washington had wooden teeth (there is some question about that actually). Thomas Jefferson kept slaves and fathered children that he kept hidden and left his mistress out of his will. Teddy Roosevelt chased demons all his life. Franklin Roosevelt had a mistress among other things. But they all are and should be remembered for the good things they did and the great things they accomplished. And that they were living breathing human beings not Gods on pedestals.

Obama is no different. Oh wait, yes he is. He had the misfortune of being born half black so whatever he does or whatever he accomplishes is always suspect. But of course those who hate him and the American people (because we went to the polls and elected him – twice.) who voted for him can’t come out and openly hurl racist and bigoted words at him that would prove the point that they hate him because he is black not because of what he has accomplished. So they use slur words and phrases (well except for cruds like that racist rocker Ted Nugent) and refuse to even accept that he has accomplished a lot of great things in his 6 years in office.

No, hate rules their minds, thoughts and bodies and the media for the most part refuses to call them out. His legacy will be left to the ages, and I may not live to see it but what he has done will one day place him high on the list among the best of those who have held the highest office in our land. And of all the presidents in my memory he is a warm caring decent family man like none other. Only Truman and Carter even come close.

Hate him all you want to if it feeds your egos and makes you feel like a human to do that but to those of you hate for the sake of hating I can only feel sorry for you and wish that someday you will look at yourself and realize how much your hatred and bigotry ate at your heart and soul! God and Allah forgives even bigots and racists when they realize their folly I am also forgiving but to a much lessor degree, because I too am human and although I hate no one I still struggle with forgiveness of those who preach bigotry and hatred. To paraphrase an old movie title Leave Them To Heaven!

Bob Bearden


One thought on “Leave Them To Heaven

  1. I agree that there is a great deal of animosity pointed at Obama that is strictly race related. Sarah Palin’s infamous quote, “He’s not like us,” says it all.

    But Obama has also turned out to be his own worst enemy. He was swept into the White House by an uprising tide of youth and “born again” democrats who really supported his hope and change platform. Obama then gave away this mandate at every opportunity, from bailing out Wall Street at the expense of Main Street, not closing Guantanimo, increasing drone strikes, jailing more whistle blowers than anyone in history, and his more recent ties to Wall Street, via his appointments at the FCC, the Police Review Commission, and his support for yet another Wall Streeter in the Treasury Department.

    Obama’s presidency has been difficult, I admit, but one also has to objectively review how much of the difficulties were created by the man, himself.

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