Johnny Depp Not a New Worlder

It's History, Folks

Folks born between the years 1871-1889 were called New Worlders. McKinley’s Presidency was happening while all this New Worlder baby birthing was going on.

The New Worlders (born from 1871 through 1889, median
member born in 1880) lived on farms more than any other
American generation during the 20th century. One-fifth of all
children born into this generation died in childhood. They are
known as New Worlders because about one of every four people
in this generation immigrated to the United States.

They were definitely not Baby Boomers (1946-1964) Booyah! Take that McKinley and all your New Worlders.

Why the heck is that important other than that it’s on the internet?

By virtue of when they were born, members
of each generation live through unique times
shaped by unexpected historical events, changing
political climates, and evolving socioeconomic
conditions. Generations also come in different
sizes and changing mixtures of ethnicity…

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