The Book of Mormon a Great Play

feature_full_1411161156The Book of Mormon a great play but I’m sure at the Mormon Church if they haven’t already condemned it will, and well they should even though it takes a very satirical and hilarious look at Mormonism. It ain’t likely to be well received in Brigham Young country.

I attended the play this afternoon at the Civic Center. It was a hilarious farce. The music was great. The acting was superb. The subject matter was pretty dicey but it was definitely tongue-in-cheek.

Of course it didn’t show Mormonism in a very nice light. And the language wasn’t for the faint of heart. If you like the F word there was plenty of that to go around including an African warlord general called Butt F**king Naked.

I heartily recommend it unless you have problems with foul language or the making fun, all in jest of Mormonism in particular and Christianity in general as Jesus Christ wasn’t left out of the mix. And he too came in for some sharp little jabs.

But as for me, I considered it hilariously good fun and enjoyed it very much. Thanks to my good friend Meg I got to see it because I had misplaced my ticket, but she was able to get me another one.

Definitely a nice way to while away a miserably cold misty Saturday afternoon in Oklahoma City. With the looming tower of Devon rising high above as it towered over downtown OKC sans King Kong swatting planes right and left.

Bob Bearden


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