When The Grinch Stole Christmas: How NORML Sabotaged Marijuana Legalization in 1978

The Green Pulpit

EDITORS NOTE: This is the true story, as told by its witnesses, of how NORML intentionally sabotaged marijuana legalization during the Jimmy Carter Administration. NORML’s leader, Keith Stroup, always claimed that he set up President Carter because of his administration’s use of Paraquat on the marijuana fields of Mexico during the late 70’s but as this story will reveal Stroup had far more sinister motivations. President Carter had in fact been using Paraquat to end the Mexican Cartel’s domination of the marijuana industry to create both a pathway and an economic advantage for a domestic marijuana industry within the United States. Stroup, at the behest of the Mexican Cartel’s and his need to maintain a paycheck, sabotaged marijuana reform leading to thousands of growers, vendors and patients incarcerations under the Reagan Administration of the 1980’s. This is the sad but true tale of how the leadership within NORML prevented marijuana’s…

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