The 2016 Republican Candidates

The 2016 Republican candidates field for president is getting more crowded than the Keystone Cops. And we could have the perfect match up if Mitt Romney should again win the nomination and pick Sarah Palin as his running mate. We would then have 2x governors neither of which finished their terms of Governors running on the GOP ticket.

Or we could have A Perry Huckabee tandem. Sort of a Frick and frack or an Abbott and Costello moment. As the Republican field is shaping up it appears somewhat like the old Abbott and Costello routine of who’s on first.

We have Ted Cruz but he’ll probably lose. Then there’s Perry who is so very scary that he wants to cecede from the union. If he gets elected will the United States cecede from itself? How would that work?

And now with Mitt Romney back in the race heading to the far right of Attila the Hun. Who runs in the middle? And of course we have Sarah Palin whose yelling like a felon. She ain’t threw her hat in the ring yet but she still is the rogue elephant in the room. And with her only the Shadow knows.

And Chris Christie pouting since the Cowboys lost yesterday is at least one bridge shy of a full load so he’s probably out of the race.

And of course there’s Donald Trump who ran last time and looked like a chump. He’s considering another run and that will be fun if he can just get his hair on straight.

Leaving Rand Paul as the most sane candidate on the GOP side. Which sounds like an oxymoron. There are lesser candidates in the GOP field but I can’t name them right now because the field is so crowded with fading stars that are all trying to go Nova on us even before the race is officially started.

Come on Hillary! With you in the White House and Elizabeth Warren running the Senate and Nancy Pelosi running the House again, we might just get back to a normal country. At least the intelligence quota would rise significantly.

Bob Bearden


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