Today the State of the Union

Today the State of the Union. We will get two GOP responses (can’t wait for that) to the President’s State of the Union Address. And their response will be delivered by two of their newest ‘kooks in residence’ Joni Ernst the pig castrating mama from Iowa and the crazy guy in Florida who thought two Americans from the State Department were actually from India. Boy do the GOP know how to pick them or what?

I was worried that as Sarah the Palin fades and Michelle Bachman is no longer in Congress that GOP ‘kookdom’ would suffer. Yeah I know Louie Gohmert is still there but his creds are rising since he actually had the gall to run against Boehner for Speaker. But no there would seem to be no end to GOP ‘kookery’ why even ole Mitt Romney is back and running. He says he now knows that the people know they elected the wrong man so gosh he just has to run again to help them correct their mistake. This just at the moment President Obama’s approval ratings are soaring among all citizens. Is the Mittser not clueless or what?

And he’s much more in tune with that 47% he so disliked before. Evidently he’s had a come to Jesus moment or what? I vote for the or what! Yep, there he is all over the TV doing his best Hee Haw impression of ‘Pickin’ and a Grinnin’. 47% you ain’t never had it so good.

And then there’s Rand the Paul. Just when I thought golly gee willikers this guy’s smarter than a pack of house rats he pops up and has decided for all America that at least half the people who are drawing Social Security Disability are fakers. They just have a little back pain and by golly he’s gonna get them kicked off their disability and let them suffer just like he has for years with his back pain intact. I actually think his pain may be somewhat lower but I am disappointed because I had began to think he was really getting some smarts.

I was getting worried that the GOP kooks were fading off into the sunset. Riding down that ole canyon with Smiley and Gene and we weren’t going to graced by their presence but not to worry kookery is alive and well in GOP land. Still going strong after losing Michele and Rush’s light having dimmed considerably all is yet well in the kookdom that is the core of the GOP now. We elect them to office and they stand up and hit their mark every time. Good on them.

If nothing else they keep us in stitches one way or the other.

Happy State of the Union. Bring’em on!

Bob Bearden


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