Climate Change Exists

Climate change exists! Climate change is real! So says Jim Inhofe! But wait there’s more, as the TV pitchman used to say before he croaked. Yes, climate change is real. Inhofe is now on record voting to say so, but as I said wait there’s more. Climate change is real ‘Wile Coyote Jim agrees but the hoax he says is in the fact that people believe it is man-made. No! No! No! Oil soaked Jim says it is only real in that Climate change is a natural occurrence and man (big oil in general) has nothing to do with it.

The US Senate voted 98-1 to say that climate change is really happening and Dirty Jim Inhofe who never saw an oil man he wouldn’t suck up to, agreed. But ah he didn’t actually agree as to the cause. And then the Senate took the real vote on whether or not climate change has been effected by man and in that vote they failed 50-49 that it wasn’t man-made. Hooray for Honest Jim Inhofe. He is oil soaked and happy to be so. He has been again vindicated by those who reside on the right and claim ignorance over scientific fact.

Although 98 percent of all scientists agree that climate change is real. That is it is happening at an alarming rate and that because it is happening at an alarmingly rapid rate it is mostly man-made, many of our elected officials despite their degrees and their pig castrating abilities say, “I am not a scientist so I don’t know if it is real or not!” After all when you are owned lock, stock and mouth by the dirty oil Brothers of Koch what else can you say if you want them to keep their cash spigots open and flowing in your direction.

These are the same people whose DNA is obviously directly linked to the ‘flat earth’ crowd from the days before Columbus and others sailed west and for some unexplained reason didn’t sail off the end of the earth but discovered an oil soaked land that wasn’t actually lost. And in the ensuing years realized that if they wanted to grab the lands from the natives that inhabited thereto they would have to come up with a plan that made them supreme over the natives and gave them inalienable rights to take what they wanted.

It worked! It was call ‘Manifest Destiny’. It was another ruse perpetrated to take what they wanted without having to admit it didn’t belong to them. As Red Cloud said, “They made us many promises, but the kept only one. They promised to take our land and they took it!”

Throughout history it is the same old story. People who get in charge are often non-believers because it pays to non-believe. As Kipling said in his epic poem ‘The Gods of the Copybook Headings”, they were the deniers of all things true. Even when sufficient proof is offered. But when you get paid lots of money to disbelieve, disbelieving can be alluring. And the Koch Brothers know how to toss money around and the 5 Supremes helped them to do that.

Well, as Neil Armstrong said, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind!” Victories sometimes come cloaked in the robes of ignorance and maybe climate change has. The vote of 98-1 is certainly a small step in the right direction and hopefully Inhofe will someday no longer be in the US Senate. We can only hope for saner heads and less ignorant legislators to come along and do the right thing. Hope does spring eternal.

Bob Bearden


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