Beautiful Day Dawning

A beautiful day is dawning, cold crisp and sunny. The air is chilling but the promise of a gorgeous morning followed by a sweet day is in the air.

And the news is chaotic that is if you live in the netherworld of the GOPers running for president. The Mitt man is out and Walker is in. Walker? Scott Walker? The Wisconsin Union Buster with the lopsided cat’s meow grin of an ‘ah shucks’ country boy? Only he ain’t. And he is typical of the GOP field. He starts off with a shrug trying to distance himself from a scandal he himself helped to create. What more can the world want or need – another white guy with an elephant on his back?

Romney has passed the torch and in doing so dissed his most obvious replacement Jeb Bush the third. But what can you say about the Jebster? Even his mother Barbara says, “No more Bushes!” Not even the little cherubic shrubster of a Jeb. I guess if your own mother disses you that should be a telling sign of things to come.

And if you are wanting to be a serious contender for the title of president never, ever go to London for a visit. I know we share the same language but let’s face it the Brits are much better at articulating English than we are because our English is all mixed up with a lot of other languages and the Brits are so good at nuances and yes very good at weeding out crap than our press is.

Mitt learned that lesson the hard way in 2012 when he decided to dis the Brits at a British press conference. Bobby Jinhdal learned a valuable lesson too on his visit. He tried to act like a serious candidate but the Brits saw through him and viola Bobby was skewered upon his on petard.

Now comes the sveltly trimmed down Chris Christie, down to a quarter a pound, well in trimness world 300 plus isn’t considered all that trim, but hey the guy is trying. And he didn’t even tell any of the reporters or lab techs to shut up and still he got himself in fix with the Brits when he allowed he was iffy about whether or not people should vaccinate their kids in America. Even though vaccinations have been proven to save millions upon millions of lives.

The junk science guys on the right have convinced a lot of parents that vaccinating their kids is dangerous even though there is no evidence to suggest that vaccinations do anything other than prevent kids from getting whatever they are being vaccinated for. But that doesn’t stop the GOPers running for president. They never have seen a controversy they can’t ramp up their ignorance on.

And so into the valley of death jumped the 300 lb. gorilla in the room Chris the Christie. Oh but wait there’s more. Yes there is, Chris’s aides allowed that what Chris said in London town wasn’t exactly what he meant. And it became walk back time in the UK. Another man done gone.

And then there came upon the scene Randy Paul who has been a member of a anti-vaccination group at least since 1990 by his own admission. And he stepped into the cow pasture and suddenly he was up to his knees in cow manure slinging right and left and all around the town.

It is amazing how much these guys weigh in on things and seemly have no clue as to what they are talking about, until one or another of their aides has to step in and walk the back out of the cow pasture and remind to wipe their feet and then after they wipe off the manure take said feet out of their mouths. Presidential they are not.

One can keep hoping for at least one sane guy to jump up from the GOP field and say something that he has actually thought about and had been able to make sense of, but no that may be way too much to ask. When you have to deny climate change or go without Koch money your choices are slim and none to make any real sense,

And for God’s Sake keep these guys away from the Brits. Oh wait, I’m a Democrat let’s send all them suckers across the pond and get them vetted. A great way to clear out the confusing mess of cow stepping gorillas in the room and pare them down to a manageable size! Eh What?

Bob Bearden


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