vaccinationsVaccinations for communicable diseases saves lives. That is an indisputable fact. And it definitely is an area in which both city, state and federal government should be in agreement to and it should be mandated. It should not be used as a political football nor should it be passed off as a religious issue.

When our nation’s children’s lives are at stake any religion that objects to the saving of their lives is not a religion, I would want to be a part of. What I remember from the Bible about Jesus is he said something about blessing the children. The best way to bless them in my mind is to ensure that they remain disease free and if we as a nation have the means to make that happen I see no reason for us to shy away from doing so just because some people want to believe ignorance over provable scientific facts. That’s not just being ignorant that’s just plain stupid.

And politicians running for office need to find other things to carp about rather than play roulette with our children’s lives just to pander to a base that may or may not be dumbed down. Preventing outbreaks of diseases that in the past have killed literally millions when we have the capacity and the ability to do so should not be a religious or political issue. And to believe otherwise is just plain stupidity and any politician right or left will not get my vote or backing who thinks it’s okay to play with the future or our nation by keeping our nation’s children from living safe, sane and healthy lives right into adulthood.

There may be a lot of things that our government shouldn’t be involved in but protecting our children should not be one of them. Our children are our future and when we put their lives at risk just because some religious sect or group doesn’t think it gibes with their religious beliefs is pure ignorance. And politically pandering to catch a few votes at the expense of our children is wrong on so many levels.

I don’t agree that the government should be controlling every aspect of our lives but our constitution spells out the protections for that. It also spells out that our government should promote the general welfare. Preventing communicable diseases from killing our children by requiring them to be vaccinated not only promotes the general welfare it is just plain common sense.

Bob Bearden


One thought on “Vaccinations

  1. It’s interesting to note that Mississippi, among the reddest of red states, allows NO exemptions for religious reasons. Nor any reason except where there is evidence, backed by doctors, that a vaccination would endanger the life of a child. Resulting in the highest vaccination rate in the US.
    But of course, with the recent media coverage, republican legislators in that state, who clearly have had no issue with the law for years are suddenly scrambling to insert exemptions.

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