Why is It When Our President Favors It Then the GOP Comes Out Against it?

Why is it that no matter what our president comes out in favor of the GOP will come out against it? Vaccinations have saved millions upon millions of our children’s lives over lo these many decades. They had all but eradicated the measles until the junk scientists of the right started to scare the hell out of parents with patently false claims about vaccinations causing autism in children. That is a totally disproved false statement but here comes Rand the Paul and Chris the Christie claiming vaccinations should not be mandatory to prevent measles or other diseases.

Forest Gump was right, “Stupid is as stupid does!” Paul and Christie are sucking up hard to the pander to me crowd trying to sound presidential and sticking their feet in their mouths manure and all, way before their brain gets engaged. Heck even Bobby ‘dum dum’ Jindal knows better and had the veracity to say so. Vaccinations don’t cause kids to get autism or brain tumors. Sure some kids have reactions to vaccinations but over the years science has developed the vaccines to the point that, that seldom happens and they also have a method to help prevent such things from happening. It’s called screening. Duh!

These candidates are so desirous of sucking at the sty of the big Koch Brothers money to put into their campaign coffers that they will say anything be it stupid or otherwise. Why would we want to put them in a position of trust and authority if they won’t even think before they leap?

It’s just open mouth stick foot in and then pay a bunch of yuppies to walk back what you said. The smart thing would be to actually think before you spout off. But no why do that? Elections have consequences and the consequences it will have if we go to the polls and put a Rand Paul or a Chris Christie in the Oval Office will be earth shattering and I’m speaking in the literal sense here.

Just when you thought Rand Paul was the sane 300 lb. gorilla in the room, you discover he’s just another one of the crazies. And Chris Christie may have a new more hunky slimmed down torso (well if you consider 300 lbs. slim) but he is still the same old same old guy of stupid answers. This was one time he should have told himself to sit down and shut up! After all he is the governor of New Jersey and he has been really good in the past with shouting, “Sit down and shut up!” Sometimes taking your own advice can’t hurt!

Bob Bearden



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