Legislatures Ignore Problems Confronting Oklahoma’s Working Families,

As other states continue to enact minimum wage increases, our Governor Mary Fallin and the Oklahoma State Legislature refuses to do so. Now nearly 30 states and many more cities across the nation have increased the minimum wage while Oklahoma continues to lead to the rear. We have legislators so obsessed with trying to kill same-sex marriages in this state that they ignore real problems confronting Oklahomans and Oklahoma working families, that of poverty and hunger.

It they spent as much time working to end poverty and end hunger in our state as they do on trying push back progress think of the possibilities. Well probably shouldn’t think about it because it isn’t likely to happen. We have too many legislators who worry more about gay and lesbians getting married than they do about the real issues confronting the citizens of Oklahoma.

They are obsessed with fear of allowing women to make decisions of choice about their bodies and pandering to the far right religious crowd on issues of same-sex marriages and Sharia Law. American Muslims aren’t trying to supersede the laws of the land with Sharia Law any more than Jews have tried to foist the Talmudic Laws unto our courts to replace our laws. It is sheer ignorance and often outlandish stupidity to think such a thing.

You have to wonder where these people were hiding when history and civics and government were taught in their schools. They all proclaim to be intelligent but you have to wonder at where they get their facts, because they sure don’t get them from the truth. I studied history and I have actually read and studied the constitution and I know what it says. We are supposed to be a land where everyone is free to worship as they choose or as they do not want to choose. We are not bound and should never be bound by one set of religious laws be it Christian, Jew, Muslim or whatever.

Our founders founded this nation on the principles of religious freedom and on the principles of freedom from tyranny. As the man who wrote the Declaration of Independence said, “We are not a Christian nation. We are a nation in which a majority of our citizens are Christian”. That’s what our founders intended. They did not intend us to be of one mind when it came to religious freedom, because that’s why most of them came to this country so they wouldn’t have to adhere to one type of religion.

Where are the so-called evangelical Christians when it comes to ending poverty and hunger? Oh yeah they are off somewhere screaming about Hobby Lobby’s right to deny its female workers the right to protect their bodies and receive health care they need, because only then do they care about religious freedom. Not an individuals but some right-wing nut who wants to impose his brand of Christianity on the Oklahoma school system and deny a portion of his workers their religious freedom.

How’s that work? You’re highly in favor of denying women the right to control their own bodies, but it’s patently okay for some individual billionaire to foist his religious ideas and thoughts upon your children. How does that make religious freedom equal under the law?

And why is it you remain silent on the issue of raising the minimum wage. Should that not also be a religious issue. Shouldn’t hunger and poverty be religious issues? Or is it only when a company wants to deny health care to their employees that religion becomes an issue?

Bob Bearden



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