Vaccination Brouhaha

downloadThe vaccination brouhaha is yet going on and I have been dissed by a few because I called to task Chris Christie and Rand Paul for their obviously ignorant pronouncements on the subject. I have been told by one or two that the current outbreak of measles has been because of all the illegal aliens crossing our borders. Another slam dunk of an untruth that has been disproved by the CDC.

It is just not true. The CDC has long known that Latin nations to our south do a much better job at vaccination than we do here in America so that almost all of those crossing the border into the United States are vaccinated against the measles and other childhood diseases. In those nations, vaccinations are mandatory. But I seems to help some people if they can blame some group other than our own failures among our political leaders who love to pander to those who buy the now proven falsehoods about vaccinations causing autism and severe reactions.

Do some children who are vaccinated react badly to the vaccination, yes they do but if properly handled by whoever is administering the vaccination this should seldom if ever happen. There are ways for doctors to determine if a child will have a bad reaction to a vaccine and most reputable doctors follow proper procedures when performing vaccinations. Most reactions to vaccinations are usually mild and the wild stories being put out by Rand Paul and others about how he has heard of thousands of children have severe reactions to being vaccinations is simply not true.

Vaccinations should be mandatory. Some people are saying requiring children to be vaccinated is infringing upon parental rights. But that’s not true. Requiring vaccinations against communicable diseases promotes the general welfare of our nation and it is not an infringement upon parental rights. Communicable diseases if left on the unchecked can and have in the past killed literally millions. There are times when the right of the public supersedes the rights of individuals and the protection of our children is one of those times. Not allowing your children to be vaccinated means that your child could infect a whole school simply because you object to them being vaccinated against an easily preventable disease.

Protecting our children should be the most important single thing a parent would want. And political pandering to a small vocal fringe is simply not promoting the general welfare of this nation nor of its children. Our children are our most precious resource for our future. They are our legacy, putting them at risk and in harm’s way makes no sense on any level.

I have nothing against Rand Paul and sometimes he actually seems to make sense, but on most occasions he is caught with his foot in his mouth simply because he often engages his mouth before his brain kicks in with the intellect he surely must possess. We have people on the left that sometimes have the same problem, but they seldom express themselves in public and when they do they are always called immediately to task. They tend to be apologetic and contrite, unlike Rand Paul and Chris Christie.

Chis clams up or tries to use the set down and shut method of which has served him well as governor but not so well in London recently. Rand Paul often takes the tack that I didn’t say what you have me on the record as saying, which only serves to make him look really stupid and does nothing to change the subject of which he would love to walk away from.

I have been accused of hating all of the politicians on the right and that’s simply not true, but I won’t just sit on my backside and say nothing when they make statements that they purport to be facts and I know that what they are saying is not true. I have also called out politicians on the left from time to time, but the problem lies in the fact that the right wingers make so many more ignorant statements than do those on the left. And those on the left tend to apologize quickly and thereby diffuse their mistakes in a timely manner. Not so with those on the right. They either try to continue their ignorance by refusing to acknowledge it or they make things worse for themselves by attempting to say that what they said they didn’t actually mean.

In this day and age you own what you say right or wrong, because this is the age of the Instagram and a time when every person you encounter in public life has a smartphone and they know how to use them. You can say you didn’t say what you said but when several thousand videos of you on camera saying what you said you didn’t say, trying to walk back from that becomes an exercise in ignorance. Politicians of all stripes need to learn the lesson of not engaging their mouths before they engage their brains.

It’s a new day out there and whatever you say as a public official will be recorded whether you like it or not. You may be a rock star, but they too often engage their mouths before their brains start to think.

Bob Bearden


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