Rudy Giuliani at it Again

Rudy Giuliani is at it again–he says Obama doesn’t love America. What a crock of crap! And how is it Rudy Giuliani knows that Barack Obama does not love America? Just because you love America and I do and so does Barack Obama doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to criticize America and some of the things it does and has done in the past.

As a Native American I reserve the right to criticize my country for all the evil that was visited upon Native Americans over the last several hundred years. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love my country because I do. I proudly served my country for four years in the US Air Force and I would do it again, but I don’t always agree with everything my country says or does.

That’s what this nation is all about and what has always been about the right of free speech and the right to criticize when you don’t agree with something. Mr. Giuliani has no problem criticizing this country when he thinks it’s going in the wrong direction it’s just that he doesn’t think Barack Obama has that same right I guess?

As James Baldwin once said, “I love my country more than any other country in the world, but because I do I reserve the right to criticize it perpetually.”

And to say that Barack Obama constantly criticizes this nation is patently false, because if you listen to his speeches, really listen and obviously Mr. Giuliani doesn’t, he always praises this country. President Obama is as patriotic as any president we have ever had and his love of this country is well documented.

But Mr. Giuliani has a record of putting his foot in his mouth before his brain gets engaged, that’s why he didn’t go anywhere in the Republican primaries in 2008.

Bob Bearden


One thought on “Rudy Giuliani at it Again

  1. Rudy is such a monument to character and integrity. Lets see, he told his wife that he wanted a divorce via a press announcement, he moved his mistress into Gracie Mansion while he was still married to his then wife, his was an administration of corruption and graft. In fact, he was closed to being impeached and thrown out of office when 9/11 propelled him into the spotlight.

    Not a man we should even be paying the minutest amount of attention to.

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