Oklahoma Sally Kern and the Good Ol’ Days

Oklahoma back to the good old days. Sally Kern and company are trying mightily to erase the past 50 years and take us back in Oklahoma to those ‘thrilling days of yesteryear’. And what was so thrilling about them? Well, men were men and women were staying at home like good little wives and making cookies and babies and they always had daddy’s slippers and his pipe ready and when he stepped through the door after a long hard day in the rat race.

Wait! Just one minute! I was a teenager in those thrilling days of yesteryear. My mom worked 40 hours plus in a pants factory, me and my brother cleaned house and cooked supper. We didn’t hand anyone any slippers at the front door. Those were thrilling days Sally?

I don’t think so. I went to school, worked at the Pontiac house as parts manager, worked at the drive in taking tickets, got up at 4 in the morning to deliver papers in Davidson Oklahoma 18 miles away, came back helped mom cook breakfast and then she headed out to the pants factory and I took my brother to school and I went to the Pontiac house to work until 10:30am at which time I headed to school myself for a few hours before returning to the Pontiac House. What was so thrilling about them days I ask you Silly Sally?

Sally and her ilk don’t have a clue about them good old days because they never had to live through them. Reports on a regular basis of the fire bombing of Black churches all over the south. Teenagers being abducted and murdered just because they deigned to fight for civil rights for all. Gays being beaten and marginalized. American citizens denied the right to vote. Separate schools, separate water fountains, separate entrances to places of business.

Lodging denied because of the color of one’s skin. Tacit denial of service to a customer because they were Black or Asian or Hispanic. Sally please explain to me how your onerous bills will help make things better for Oklahoma? Explain to me Sally where your Christian values come from? I went to church as a kid. I listened to the preacher preach about Christ’s love for all. I was taught that Christ meant love not hate. Where did you go to church Sally? How is what you spew forth have any thing to do with Christ or Christian Values?

Sally you claim to follow Christ but all you offer hate is not love. The Christ I know about wasn’t about hate and division He was about love, kindness, peace, compassion and the inclusiveness for all not just a certain few. Where is it written that Christ didn’t love Gays, Lesbians, Jews, Muslims? That’s not in any text about Christ I have ever read Sally.

Why Sally do you preach hate? Hate only breeds more hate. As Dr. King said, “Hate cannot drive out hate. Only love can do that!” Do you even know who Dr. King was or what he was all about Sally? I wonder if you do? And even as I disagree with your perceptions, thoughts and ideas I harbor no hate or animosity towards you. I pity you and I pray that one day hate will not fill your heart. That someday you too will know the true meaning of ‘love thy neighbor as thyself’. Will that day ever be?

Bob Bearden


One thought on “Oklahoma Sally Kern and the Good Ol’ Days

  1. What good old day’s is she talking about. My father supported four child, worked for a guy for 17 years , no vacations, no health insurance, mom worked for minimum wage at Levine’s and I had to go to work at age 13 just to buy school cloths and have lunch money. Sally is just another crack pot waving her Bible and American flag that the people were stupid enough to vote for. I think it’s call revisionist history and fascism.

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