A look at the Deep Deuce District as a tribute to Black History Month


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OKLAHOMA CITY — As Black History Month comes to an end, NewsChannel 4 takes a moment to look at the history of the Deep Deuce District in Oklahoma City.

The district has revived, thanks to one key individual who played a pivotal role in the development of northeast Oklahoma City.

The Deep Deuce District is home to some favorite stops and shops in the metro. It is a historical community that is a central place for the jazz and blues scene in OKC. It has been home to many legendary musicians, like Charlie Christian, Dorothy Ellis, and Jimmy Rushing.

Deep Deuce was also one of the largest African American neighborhoods in Oklahoma City.

“Deep Deuce was the Afro American/Black business district of Oklahoma City.”

Mark Lyons is the great-grandson to  Sydney Daniel Lyons. Sydney was a prominent entrepreneur in Oklahoma during the early 20th century. Traveling from Texas…

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