OKC: First-ever Muslim Day

The first-ever Muslim day at the state legislature in Oklahoma came off and was well attended thanks to the Oklahoma conference of churches. Also, thanks go to the Capitol Police and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol who kept order and make sure at things went smoothly.

One wonders when the dark element in Oklahoma that loves to trash Islam and people who who are members of the Islamic faith will finally realize that Oklahoma Muslims are part of the fabric of our state and have been for many many years? They live here they work here and they are very good citizens of the state not much different from a lot of other Oklahomans who live work and love this state.

Islam is a religion practiced by a lot of people across the world, just like Christianity and Judaism it has its radicals who believe things as they wish them to be not as they are. When we refuse to try to understand where other people are coming from that’s when we lose our moral compass.

Hating someone because of their religion when you don’t know exactly what that religion is all about doesn’t make any sense. The Islamic day at the state legislature was trying to promote an understanding of what Islam is and what it means to be Islamic in Oklahoma.

They were promoting love and understanding not hate. Hate drives too many people in this state to believe things that are not true and when they have a opportunity to know the truth they turn their backs.

Due to work concerns I was not able to attend the Islamic day at the state legislature but I know Adam Soltani. He spoke at our recent labor religion breakfast and gave a wonderful speech that was very enlightening to a lot of the people who attended our breakfast. They came away with a different point of view on the Islamic faith.

We must learn to work together and live together in this world or as Benjamin Franklin said at the onset of the American Revolution,

“We must all hang together or we shall inevitably hang separately.”

This country was founded on the idea of religious freedom and the practice thereof. As Thomas Jefferson said,

“We are not a Christian nation we are a nation in which a majority of our citizens are Christian.”

This nation has always been about religious freedom and the freedom to worship as you choose. Blaming American Muslims for the act of radicals in the Middle East makes absolutely no sense at all. Any more than blaming all Christians for the acts of the KKK.

And hate for the sake of hating makes no sense either. Has Dr King once said,

“Hate cannot drive out hate only love can do that.”

I disagree with a lot of people but I don’t hate them just because I disagree with them.

Hating someone because of their religious convictions is absolutely ridiculous.

Bob Bearden


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