Senator James Inhofe disproves all of the Known Science

And yesterday in the hallowed chambers of the United States Senate, our illustrious Senator James Inhofe disproved all of the known science on the subject was one great big hoax. How did he accomplish that magnificent feat you ask? It was so simply done as could have been done by a moron (not pointing any fingers here). He simply went outside the chambers made a snowball came in announced it was a cold winter and promptly threw the snowball at another senator and declared without a doubt global warming was a hoax.

What verve, what panache! 99% of the scientific world has declared global warming and man-made climate change to be a proven fact and with one simple snowball Jim Inhofe proved them to be false. Wow! Will wonders never cease. Let us now bow down to the Gods of the Marketplace, all-knowing and brilliant. Jim has so declared that he knows infinitely more that all the scientists in the world put together and he did that by just making a snowball.

I know here I am dissing another GOPer. Gosh but they make it so easy. They have so many that even a lot of people in their own party have declared them to be crazy. New York GOP Representative Peter King no slouch when in comes to being off to the right declared yesterday on camera that his party contained a lot of crazy people when he said they (the crazies in his party) shouldn’t be compromising the security of our nation and its citizens by trying to hold Homeland Security hostage.

So it isn’t just me who thinks the GOP has a lot of kooks residing within its party bounds. And it is kind of nice to know even wild-eyed Ted Cruz won’t filibuster the bill to fund Homeland Security in the senate. Yes wonders may never cease. I am thankful that there still is a modicum of sanity in the Grand Old Party of Lincoln. How long that sanity will prevail is anybody’s guess.

And Jim ole boy, I don’t think you need worry about global warming anyway. There is a place where there are no snowballs, hopefully you won’t have to find that out.

Global warming? Global warming? That’s a hoax right?

Bob Bearden


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