Obamacare bad for America

Obamacare bad for America? Well, the uninsured rate has fallen below 35% since the advent of Obamacare. Another 12 million people who previously didn’t have health insurance now have it, just since this past year. Health care costs have dropped dramatically with the lowest increase in premiums in more than 35 years. What’s so bad about lowering the cost of health care and having more people insured?

Oh I forgot the Tea Partiers don’t like it. It will kill their grannies. But, wait as the TV pitchman used to say, “There’s more!” Granny ain’t dead actually she’s got better health care so geez how’d that happen? Oh yes Obama that scary guy in the White House got health care reform passed. As a result not only is granny got low-cost health care she ain’t dead either. And as a result of the lower increases in health care costs the deficit has been reduced. Geez why’d Obama do that?

That’s got to have pi*sed off a few of those pesky grouches in the Tea Party. Now they got to find something else to blame Obama for. Well they can blame him for making sure more Americans than ever now have access to affordable health care. Isn’t that crass of him to have helped people get affordable health care and at the same time bring down the deficit, lower the unemployment rate to 5.5%, add 12 million new jobs in 6 years. Isn’t that terrible?

The economy is better more people are working. America’s once again the leading producer of oil. The American Auto Industry is now leading the world in automobile production again. The deficit is cut almost in half. And it’s all Obama’s fault. Aren’t we glad he’s only got two more years left in office. What terrible things can he do to us in the next two years to make this country even better?

Bob Bearden


One thought on “Obamacare bad for America

  1. More people with insurance does create more jobs for people in health care related industries also. And now Ted Cruz is getting his insurance from the ACA. Maybe he’ll come to like it.

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