Advice for Young People: Sneak in Prohibiting Laws with the Help of Religious Folks

0351The use of religious fanatics to effectively get things done is not new.  Pharaohs, Kings, and Oil tycoons throughout the ages did not have to look far to get help in whatever. It was easy because where else could one find a plethora of the best human resources around–folks ready to aid in ones gains in such things as: land grabs, discrimination, torture, plunder of foreign and domestic resources–anything one might desire. They were always just around and willing and ready for what has been labeled as the Lords Work.  This has been true throughout history even long before the Crusades.

As all know, getting a movement of the people going is important when the goal is excessive unabashed wealth and power. And it can be tricky.  Yet if one is to get everything one desires one does have that powerful resource available– religious fire on demand and in mass. If one can effectively harness that resource, how lucky, how happy you should be the closer to your desires you get.

Let’s talk about only one prize, though.  The desire we will mention more of here is a business.

Too Much Drinkin’

If one can recall something about the Alcohol prohibition in the US, Canada, and Russia in the 1920s, religious fanatics, the Carrie Nations of the Earth, were used to help push through Laws prohibiting the use of alcohol. The result was not that all the drunks went away but that renewable farm plants going to fuel production became less abundant. The Laws really helped secure dominance in the 20th Century for the powerful oil barons we still see today. Yes, historical evidence can be found to support the fact that those laws really didn’t do much to stop drinkin’ and Party-in’.

Sneak prohibiting laws through with the help of religious folks; it works.

What actually happen was that, remember, Ford’s first cars ran on alcohol but due to Prohibition he had to switch the engines to run on fossil fuels.

“The fuel of the future” which “is going to come from fruit like that sumach out by the road, or from apples, weeds, sawdust — almost anything. There is fuel in every bit of vegetable matter that can be fermented. There’s enough alcohol in one year’s yield of an acre of potatoes to drive the machinery necessary to cultivate the fields for a hundred years.” Henry Ford

A reduction of farm products in favor of  fossil fuel had to occur due to a Constitutional Amendment. Standard Oil pushed for Prohibition  and along with the Temperance movement for moral support, they and got it– they gathered all the business into one pile, won the day, dominated the fuel industry in the 20th and 21st Centuries, and ruled the roads of every modern car owner everywhere.

“He (John Rockefeller) gave the equivalent of $60 million in today’s dollars to an obscure group pushing for prohibition called the Women’s Christian Temperance Union. As we know, his contribution to the outlawing of the production and sale of alcohol was successful. Of course, Rockefeller and the oil companies reaped tremendous profits as a result. Remember that the period covered by the 18th Amendment (1919-1933) coincided with the huge rise in the sale and operation of automobiles. America was on the move, and all of these cars
were now operated solely on gasoline. By the time that the 21st Amendment was passed, ending the prohibition of alcohol, the standard was already set and worked completely in the favor of the Rockefeller family.” – The Green Pulpit

By the end of Prohibition cars never did go back to alcohol–the switch was in effect complete. All that with a little help of “moral God-fearing” fanatics–the grunt work. Thanks, Fanatics.

Too Much Pot Smokin’

Same applied to hemp. Fanatics hated the getting high plants yet the industrial hemp was banned along with it (or taxed out of commission) Ford even made a car equipped with hemp fiber parts, but he had to scrap the idea. Think about how the manufacturer of hemp automobiles might have affected the new industry and business opportunity not just in the US but the world. Plant fibers could have competed with petroleum-based fibers on the market. But no, once again Big Oil lobbies saw cuts in profits due to the vast number of products that would have been made from a renewable plant that was, get this, grown by any farmer.


“Not only was it an industrial threat to the Anglo-American oil, pharmaceutical and vice companies but it was the main engine driver of FDR’s New Deal programs and the oligarchy believed that if the crop could once again be controlled it’s decline would also defeat the New Deal.

In the mid-1930.when the new mechanical hemp fiber stripping machines and machines to conserve hemp’s high cellulose pulp finally became state-of-the-art, available and affordable, the enormous timber acreage and businesses of the Hearst Paper Manufacturing Division, Kimberly Clark USA, and virtually all other timber, paper and large newspaper holding companies stood to lose billions of dollars and perhaps go bankrupt.

Coincidently in 1937, DuPont had just patented processes for making plastics from oil and coal as well as a new sulfite process for making paper from wood pulp…accounting for over 80% of all the companies railroad carloadings over the next sixty years into the 1990s. If hemp had never been made illegal, 80% of DuPont’s business never would have materialized…jeopardizing the lucrative financial schemes of Hearst, DuPont and DuPont’s Chief Financial backer, Andrew Mellon of the Mellon Bank of Pittsburgh”-Jack Herer” – The Green Pulpit

Moral God-fearers have given away so much to petroleum and other companies leaving another side of American businesses behind; thus handing over vast profits to big aristocratic business barons.

So, sneaking prohibiting laws into the US with the help of religious folks is where it’s at. It should be criminal, but it still is not.

Terry Gresham


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