Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are in

The hills are alive with the sound of rhetoric. The 2016 presidential sweepstakes is up and running. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are in. Their screams are rising to the top and boy are they screaming. Mostly at journalists covering their campaigns. Crying foul (or is it fowl?) because they don’t want reporters to ask them tough questions. They want softballs tossed to them that they can genuflect over and blame Obama for all the world’s problems since time began.

It’s the whine game. Romney played and secured the nomination in the fantasy world that is the GOP primaries, only to lose in the real world of politics. Or maybe it would be more appropriate to call it the ‘blame game’. Blame Obama for every ill known to man (or woman) and that feeds the hunger and thirst of the rabid base and gains them votes. But then they have to do their best Hyde impersonation and switch gears in a desperate attempt to retract everything they said in the primaries as well I didn’t really mean that.

In the case of Rand Paul he can simply deny he ever said it in the first place. He is much like the character of Sergeant Schultz on Hogan’s Heroes. “I know nothing!” Or to be more accurate, “I said nothing!” Of the manufacture of truth and reason these guys aren’t. Do they know the truth? That’s probably a fifty toss-up question. They know a kind of truth but it don’t compute with what they are selling so it ain’t truth as we in the real world know it to be.

Their truth is whatever they think will sell in Peoria or Grinell Iowa. It doesn’t really matter if it will pass the smell test they have long passed the point where they care about a real truth. In the world of politics and especially in GOP primary politics truth is whatever they can make their base swallow, hook, line and sinker. The truth of reality gets short shrift in the game they play to garner votes.

Today’s truth is tomorrow’s denial of ever having said that. It’s a game that GOP hopefuls know well. To paraphrase the old navy saying, “Damn the truth, full speed ahead!” If it works in Iowa send it on down the line.

Bob Bearden


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