A new season of Survivor The Right Wing Presidential Sweepstakes has begun

A new season of Survivor, The Right Wing Presidential Sweepstakes, has begun. Or more properly it could be called Dancing With the Wing Nuts! Another round of who’s going to win the GOP race to not get elected to the White House?

Rand Paul is up and running and boy is he running away from the media. Tough questions? Tough questions? Don’t ask me no tough questions or I’m not going to talk to you. I just want to be President I don’t want to answer any of your really hard pointed questions.

Then there’s Ted Cruz ramping up his base. The latest Bugaboo of Evil as spread by Ted – Watch out my sweet wing nutters them gays and lesbians are out to destroy Christianity.

The Hunger Games have nothing on Ted and Rand and they are ranting and raving and running amok. Martin and Lewis, Abbott and Costello couldn’t have done it better. But then those actually were comedians intending to be funny. Ted and Rand are serious.

Well they’re seriously flawed in they’re thinking. Rand Paul has never found a quote or a phrase or a whole book for that matter that he wouldn’t gladly plagiarize. But just don’t call him on it. Or if he quotes something as his own he’ll swear he didn’t say that.

At one time we used to have some really intelligent politicians running for president from the GOP side. There was Dwight David Eisenhower, Teddy Roosevelt, among others. Why even Ronald Reagan seems normal and sane compared to the current crop of GOP hopefuls. And Nixon Tricky Dicky though he was, was at least someone who made sense and actually made some good decisions from time to time.

But with Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and the really far out wing nut Rick Santorum the field is getting crazier and crazier. What next Joni Ernst the hog castrator from hell? She said she’d been doing it all her life on the farm and she wasn’t afraid to castrate a few hogs when she got to Washington DC. Fortunately for all the hogs in DC she hasn’t went on a rampage yet!

And of course there’s Ted Cruz’s latest rant about how gays and lesbians are out to destroy Christianity. Doesn’t he know almost all gays and lesbians are Christians, probably more devout Christians than Ted Cruz ever thought of being. Cruz’s Christianity is out there on his sleve because he’s running for president. All the gays and lesbians practice their Christianity every day of the week.

They are good citizens. They help the poor. They help the needy. They raise children. They do their civic duty and they go to church regularly. How is that destroying Christianity? Ted Cruz is simply ramping up his base. For him lying has become a way of life.

And then there is Rick Santorum who now claims that communism came up with the plot that is the separation of church and state. That’s almost laughable if he wasn’t serious. The separation of church and state is an American idea put forth by our founders when they founded this nation on the principle of religious freedom for all. But Rick continues to show his ignorance everytime he opens his mouth.

The founders envisioned real religious freedom. Religious freedom whereby you would be free to worship however you chose to and not be forced to worship a state sponsored religion. Unlike the laws that were pushed in Indiana in Arkansas, it wasn’t something designed to exclude people it was designed to include people.

True religious freedom means a separation of church and state so that everyone who is a citizen who lives in this country who comes to this country can worship freely the religion of their choice or not.

True religious freedom means that no matter the color of your skin, your creed, your race, your ethnic origin, your gender or your sexual orientation you are free to worship
as you choose or not to worship any religion at all.

If we elect Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum, Rand Paul or god forbid Joni Ernst. We are likely to have all kinds of laws restricting our right to worship the religion of our choice. Let’s hope that the citizens of this nation have enough common sense to not do that.

Bob Bearden


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