The Right Wing Hopefuls Claim We Can’t Pay Women Equal Pay

The right-wing hopefuls in the presidential sweepstakes claim we can’t pay women equal pay to men because companies can’t afford it which is bull pucky. They don’t want to afford it because it might cut in a little bit on their insane profits.

Instead of making 40 billion dollars a year in profits they might only make 20 billion dollars in profits a year. And the CEOs might have to quit getting 10 million dollars in salaries plus seven million dollars in bonuses every year and only get say 3 million in salary and a paltry million dollars in bonus.

And the presidential hopefuls on the GOP side say that it would break America. It would ruin the economy which again is bull pucky. The problem is they don’t want the richest 1% to have to give up anything that they’re getting right now. The big corporations don’t want to give up their profits for anybody much less to the workers that got them where they’re at.

And they keep fear mongering about what would happen if they had to give up some of their profits and how this would crash the economy of the world and put us all into a depression, which again is bull pucky. Their fear mongering pays off because they have convinced so many people in the lower-income brackets that they are correct and that if they get a decent wage and or living wage the world will end for us all, which is also bull pucky.

Fear is a huge motivating factor and those in the upper 1% know it and they use it to their advantage to keep those on the lower end of the economic scale so afraid that they will believe anything they’re told.

All the economic factors prove time and time again that raising the minimum wage and giving workers a fair and living wage improve the economy and boost everybody up the economic scale including the richest 1%.

But we have so many people who are tied to one issue that they will cut their own throats economically just so they can vote for the ignoramuses whom they believe supports them on that one issue.

Fear is the single most motivating factor when it comes to voting. Most people don’t vote with their pocketbook or their brains they vote out of fear of what might be or what they are told might be. And Herr Goebbels taught us that it’s much easier for people to believe a lie than it is to believe the truth.

The truth is the minimum wage could be raised to 15 dollars an hour and still most companies corporations and CEOs would be making insane profits and in fact their profits would likely go up. The truth is raising the minimum wage doesn’t hurt the economy and it never has. But it is easier to spread a lie that it does than for people to believe the truth that it doesn’t.

There are millions to be made in spreading the lies about the minimum wage. And there are lots of people who will step up and present those lies as fact. Keeping people poor and in debt is something that makes a lot of people money. Spreading fear about what could happen if the minimum wage is raised is a way to keep the poor, poor and making sure the rich get richer. Keeping people afraid that if they ask for more money and get it they will destroy the economy. Still more bull pucky. But so many people who should know better buy it hook line and sinker.

Lies are spread by those who fear the truth. They fear the truth because they know if people knew the truth it would truly set them free. The economic well being of the rich depends on keeping the poor, poor. It depends on making people fear that any economic well-being that they might receive would hurt the economy and make things worse for themselves.

It makes absolutely no sense but most of the fears that people have make no sense.

Bob Bearden.


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  1. Republicans have never understood basic economics. If you pay more, they tend to spend and invest more which in turn helps our consumer based economy.

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