Crash and burn Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare and collective bargaining for all workers. Kill the Post Office

As each new candidate in the GOP field rises to the top of the field they say pretty much the same thing. Crash and burn Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare and collective bargaining for all workers. Kill the Post Office. They want no part of a sane immigration policy that allows for a path to citizenship. They want all deported even though they have to know that such is not feasible much less likely or possible. They want to pass strict laws against same-sex marriage even though 90% of our nation’s citizens are in favor of it.

They want to pass ignorant laws like the one attempted in Tennessee to make the Bible the state book. They want to pass so-called religious freedom laws that restrict and discriminate. And they claim to be Christian and they claim they want their party to be inclusive and to reach out to minorities. They say this all the while backing bills that restrict the voting rights of minorities, women, students and seniors.

Their very platforms they are running on say they will do everything in their power, if elected to exclude different segments of our society from enjoying the freedoms of this nation. They very nation they stand proudly up and claim they love. And they do all of this knowing that a majority of Americans don’t agree with most of the stances they take. Makes no sense whatsoever. If you want to be elected to the highest office in the land aren’t you supposed to represent the views of the people?

Apparently not? At least if you are running as a Republican. You see there is a core base of voters who, even though they are small in number and even though they are agin everything the majority of the country is for you must appease them or you won’t get your party’s nomination. They don’t care what Americans as a majority want or care about. These clowns want what they want and you either suck up to them or you ain’t gonna get their money. And money is what you got to have to run for President.

So we have a system in which a small amount of people tell the rest of the country this is what we want and we don’t give a damn what a majority believes or wants. We got the money honey so you are going to get the time or else. And it works. GOPers run with the base and suck up the cash and speak up the lies in the fervent hope that they will be the anointed one and get their party’s nomination. It’s kind of like Yul Brynner said to Steve McQueen in the Magnificent Seven, “I didn’t get elected, but I was nominated real good!”

Running against everything Americans stand for makes no sense except that’s where the money lies in the hands of those who are in the minority, but those who got the money honey don’t give a damn what most Americans want they believe they have the right to dictate their beliefs and mores on our society as a whole and they have a gaggle of geese in the GOP that will do their bidding.

The GOP base will nominate someone out of the nattering naybobs of negativity field and they will nominate him ‘real good’. But then they got a problem right here in River City and it smells like P. In the end even with all the billions that will be tossed about by the Kochs, Adelson and Company it will still boil down to the smell test when it comes time to vote. And the GOP field is kind of like the old Loudan Wainwright the III song, Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road. They stink to high heaven.

Bob Bearden


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