Bernie Sanders

There is a new element to the 2016 presidential race today thanks to Bernie Sanders. He will raise the questions that we the people have been asking and not receiving any real answers to. He understands how government works and he understands what needs to happen if we are to make this nation work for all of its citizens.

We the people have questions about what will the presidential candidates do to fix our infrastructure? What will they do to protect social security? What will they do to strengthen Medicare? How will they make sure that those at the lower end of the economic scale have enough to eat? What will they do to grow the economy? What will they do to put Americans back to work? What will they do to protect our environment? How will they solve the pressing need for immigration reform?

Those are questions being asked but most of the presidential contenders are sweeping them aside and ignoring them all together. Bernie won’t dodge those questions he will be asking them himself of the other candidates. That is why Bernie Sanders will make a difference in presidential politics. He always stands up and asks the hard questions. And he has answers. He knows what we the people in this nation need and Bernie will do his level best to make sure that whoever becomes president listens to we the people.

Bernie doesn’t want to be president of the one percent, he wants to be president of the 100 percent. He wants every single member of our society to have an equal share in our nation and in the governing of our nation. Bernie understands better than any other presidential candidate what our founders intended for this nation to be.

Bernie Sanders is truly the People’s Candidate and if elected he will truly be the People’s President. Believing in America is the first step every candidate should be taking. There is only one candidate that fits that description Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

We don’t need candidates like Carly Fiorina who believes Americans have no right to expect to have good paying jobs. Or candidates like Rick Santorum who wants to make women less equal with men. All the candidates on the right believe that women should not be paid equally with men. They all believe that when Jesus said the poor would always be with us that meant inequality was okay and that it was okay to ignore the root causes of poverty.

We do need candidates like Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. He cares about all of America the whole 100 percent of us. Now that he is in the race things have changed and the candidates will have to start addressing the real issues not the boogey bears they have created to scare the hell out their base so they can get nominated and hope that they can scare enough into not voting so they can get elected and foist their stupidity upon this nation and its citizens.

We should welcome Bernie Sanders because with him the dynamics of the 2016 presidential politics just got better for everyday Americans.

Bob Bearden


2 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders

  1. Also, I know his identifying as a socialist is going to hurt him in this election. But this country is still suffering from the fear of socialism that was ingrained in our culture in the 1970s, (yes, socialist parties are common in Europe) so this is a great opportunity to normalize socialism again! People need to understand the need for more social welfare for sustaining a true democracy; taxes and welfare provides more freedom for Americans than it prohibits. Destroying the fear of socialism will definitely help with that.

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