Why Aren’t Folks Saying the Word Neo-liberalism Much in Oklahoma?

imagesA word many folks are not using as much as they should is this: neo-liberalism. There, I said it. Yet, many people I fear are still using that ole Cold War lexicon of some socialist doom/overthrow of the US way of life; which is, in my opinion, outdated. China and Russia are now more capitalist than we are. Hitler talk is a yawn, also.  Why? The threat of socialism, as well as fascism, has been greatly diminished in today’s world. Duh. My point is– neo-liberalism should be discussed more in America, and yes, even in Oklahoma.

Neo-liberalism– you know, the thing that brought down the world’s economy recently?  Anybody remember that? Not socialism, not Fascism, but Neoliberalism is the main economic paradigm in the world today. However, the discussions on matters that should matter results in shouts like:

“Hitler gets thrown around because people are too craven to throw around Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, Kim Jung-whoever, and other leftists that were as bad or worse, because fascism is the only form of collectivism that can be openly despised, despite the fact that ALL collectivism is bad, and is slavery. No one is entitled to the product of another’s labor – even if they can con the government into stealing it for them. Our Founding Fathers attempted to safe-guard against despotism by instituting a limited federal government. Sadly, we ignore those limits today, putting us in peril of the same outcome once the wrong person gets elected. Get a self-serving, lying, manipulative egomaniac (I’m talking about you, Hillary…) elected, and the same thing that happened in Russia, China, and Germany WILL happen here. Government is a necessary evil that can be tolerated in small doses, but is an inherent danger to freedom if allowed to grow too large – a point we are well past here. Oh, and just for the boys in the NSA listening: yellow cake, aluminum tubes, beryllium, ……” says an anonymous Facebook friend.

The first one to say Stalin or Hitler loses, right?

So, when I hear people talking about the threat of socialism in America, inwardly I laugh– and cry to some extent– because I know it’s merely an overly used and meaningless meme–a cliche that people use just because they can’t find any other way to express their lack of knowledge on a subject. It’s like some folks have not been keeping up with the world lately, I guess. But, then again, I guess we have to put up with it since references to past boogiemen are meant to spread fear of opponents as well as demonize our next door neighbors everywhere–good American people. This sort of verbal spewing without saying much shows us an un-American element in written and spoken form just about everywhere politics is being discussed — such as in this recent article in OKNews:

Democratic Party has been hijacked by extreme socialist liberals

The once-great Democratic Party has been hijacked by extreme socialist liberals renaming themselves “progressives.” Progressives are adept at defining who conservatives are, but who are they? Progressives are the American citizens who have never served in the military, but want to command it. These are people who have never had a job away from government bureaucracy, but want to regulate yours. Progressives have carved out a niche for themselves immersed within gluttonous bureaucracy, lavishing in lifestyles they could never earn in the free market. As leaders, progressives use the unfortunate among us as pawns to keep and gain power under the guise of helping them. Over decades of “progressive” help, no progress has been achieved. Today our poor are worse off, with minimal opportunity or hope for a better life and they must rely on the taxpayer to support their lives of dependence.

Freedom-loving voters must unite at this crucial time in our history. Regressive socialist ideology must be eradicated from political possibility regardless of what it’s called. K.B. Flaniken, Midwest City

Brilliant. It works to fire up folks. It also is packed with so many generalizations and bigoted statements that it should get a prize of some sort. It also shows a lack of historical perspective and lack of keeping up with the times. Folks need to stop boring us with false threats and start talking about the real ones.

Like this:

“It’s clear the economic system is driving us towards an unsustainable future and people of my daughter’s generation will find it increasingly hard to survive. History has shown that civilisations have risen, stuck to their core values and then collapsed because they didn’t change. That’s where we are today.”–—Prof. Will Steffen

The Neoliberal economic model–economists say it’s a form of quirky capitalism, a Frankenstein from of capitalism and not a very good form, at that. Other economists say it’s not capitalism at all. It doesn’t even help the economy much, but we don’t hear Parties yelling about who is the biggest neo-liberal. Instead, Republicans and Democrats argue about who is the biggest fascist or socialist despot. Silly.  Instead of cheap name-calling and meme spreding, they could settle down to discuss how to deal with the monster they created.


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