ACA, Smells like Trouble

Has it been 50 times– it’s hard to keep count–that Obamacare has gone to the land of repeal? Reasons for the repeal may multiply even more as time goes by, so get ready. Take heart, though, eventually, folks are gonna get suspicious about all the repeal attempts. And when folks get suspicious, they start asking questions– like “Why?” A report recently may shed light on a small portion of why conservatives want to repeal so badly.

Why? So since an interesting inquiry often begins with a hypothesis,  here goes the thought conservatives will need to find a counter attack for, and quick. Here’s the stink. Could opposition to ACA be partly due to that, in its current form, it contains a lot of obstacles? Many professionals do not care for the hurdles within. You know, the “big government” bully type stuff.

Medical Professionals defraud Medicare system feds respond

“Last Thursday, Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced indictments against 243 individualscharged with defrauding the Medicare system. These suspects are charged with defrauding the US government out of $712 million in false medicare billings. The suspects are not patients making bogus claims to get drugs or kickbacks. They are doctors and other medical professionals accused of using their privileged positions to enrich themselves. Their patients were merely tools for the satisfaction of their greed.” – Allan Masri Affordable Care Act Nabs 243 Suspects

My word. If ACA, since its birth, has nabbed 243 individual fraud-doers, it is evil. Repeal it so good folks can go back to being good at being bad–without the risk of their swindling being shut down or worse, like thrown into jail. Dagnabbit. It seems once you get the Feds involved one can’t milk the system and make off with millions in ill-gained money like you used to. Who wants a law like that? Repeal it–in God’s name–Repeal it. Lol.

Alright, kidding aside for a moment. The ACA is not perfect, but it has made health insurance affordable to many people. But on the other side, it has made crime crime. And we know, wealthy crime doers do not like laws that are rigged against their particular types of crimes.  If ACA is not going to be kind to criminals then what good is it? We get something like, “Bad government, we must repeal it”– before more criminals get nabbed?

ACA Cracks Down on Suspicious Billing Activity

“Assistant Attorney General Leslie Caldwell said that her investigations from 2012 to 2014 have recovered 8 dollars for every one dollar spent. So the ACA funds spent on fraud investigation have paid for themselves 8 times over. The investigations are done by obtaining and analyzing billing records in real-time. The feds spot suspicious billing activity and hand the cases over to local investigators.”

This smells like socialism, no? Yeah, right. Smells more like those opposed to the ACA didn’t have enough time to write in loopholes for their favorite criminals–themselves and their friends.  Most folks are catching on– that the words big government and socialism are code words conservatives use to say, “We want to steal from the American people and do so without restraint” or “handcuffs.” And, “Legalized criminal activity is what is wanted, not Obamacare.”

So that’s how the hypothesis goes. Still, like any good hypothesis it is proposed due to a problem.  Often the way laws are written and by whom–the legal rambling in them–allow those laws to be either for the people or for the hidden professional criminals. Sometimes the stuff in laws are hard to read and they’re long. Sometimes legislators just aren’t smart. Then again, sometimes the criminals are the legislators.  Shouldn’t be and it stinks.

ACA is smart. Yep, and I bet this ACA is a law written and enforced for the people. And that smells like trouble for a lot of tricky scam artists.

Terry Gresham


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